Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 Preview


Marvel Phase 4

Chuck Sipps, Arts and Life Editor

With ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ officially ending Phase 3 of the MCU, Marvel announced the upcoming films of Phase 4 at Comic-Con. We will be exploring these announcements and what they mean for the future of the MCU. Spoilers follow for all Phase 3 Films.


While this may be surprising as Black Widow perished in ‘Endgame’ in order to retrieve the Soul Stone, this is a prequel set between ‘Civil War’ and ‘Infinity War’. Not Marvel’s first prequel, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ were both prequels, this will be the first non-captain prequel. The villain of the film is said to be Taskmaster, a mercenary in the comics who is able to learn the combat abilities of others by observing them once. Also in the film is Red Guardian, played by ‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour, Red Guardian is Russia’s answer to Captain America and whether he is friend or foe, to the former KGB agent is unknown. It will be interesting to see why this prequel has been greenlit. Is it meant as a final farewell or will it have some unknown effect on the future of the MCU? We’ll have to wait till May 1st, 2020 to find out.


While not a film, this show will be released on the upcoming Disney+ and will be tied into the MCU. Both men are the besties of Steve Rogers, and with Steve having passed the mantle of Captain America to The Falcon, how will he and Bucky Barnes operate as a team? Can Falcon hope to fill the shoes of Captain America? With the return of Baron Zemo, the villain an architect of ‘Civil War’, will our heroes be able to survive this returning threat?


The Eternals centers on a species of humans, an offshoot of Earth’s evolutionary process that was kickstarted by aliens known as Celestials. The superpowered Eternals were intended to be immortal defenders of Earth, which led them into centuries of battle against the opposing force known as the Deviants. Thanos was a child of the Eternals but had Deviant genes within him. Will this film deal with the fallout of the Mad Titans devastation or is the Deviant threat far larger than we know? We’ll find out when Angelina Jolie and company appear on- screen on November 6th, 2020.


Finally, after years of waiting, we will see the infamous 10 Rings Terrorist Cell and their leader, The Mandarin. First mentioned all the way back in ‘Iron Man’, the 10 Rings will be led by the true Mandarin. That’s right, both Aldrich Killian and Trevor Slattery falsely claimed the title back in ‘Iron Man 3’. First hinted at in the Marvel One Shot ‘All Hail the King’ that the real Mandarin was furious that his name had been stolen. What vengeance will he wreak in this first Asian lead MCU film? February 12th, 2021 will reveal the answer.

Another Disney+ show and another hero returning from beyond the grave. Vision, who was killed after Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his head, is back. Just how he has returned, and in what capacity, is unknown, but undoubtedly with Scarlet Witch involved. In the comics, Scarlet Witch has had the ability to change reality but with horrifying results. What horrors has she unleashed to bring back her former lover?


Doctor Strange returns and the events of ‘Wanda Vision’ will lead directly to this film. For that reason, details are scant as to what threats Doctor Strange will face in the multiverse along with Scarlet Witch. This movie seems to be the formal introduction of the multiverse, first hinted at in ‘Doctor Strange’ before being expanded in ‘Far From Home’. Will Wanda enter the multiverse to find Vision or will her actions create a separate timeline? Is this how the X-Men will be brought into the MCU? Who is the Villain? There are rumors that either Nightmare, the literal embodiment of fear, or Baron Mordo, who was set up as a villain in the original ‘Doctor Strange’, will be the main antagonist. May 7th, 2021 will hold the answers.


In ‘Endgame’ a past version of Loki was able to escape thanks to the Space Stone. Just where did the God of Mischief go and what trouble is he causing? This Disney+ show plans to answer that.


Another Disney+ show but this time of animated variety. Based on a popular off shot of comics, ‘What If…?’ explores the alternate realities of the MCU. What if Killmonger had remained king of Wakanda? What if Thanos had defeated the Avengers? The possibilities are endless.


The oft-neglected Hawkeye will be receiving his own show. It appears he will be training his daughter to take his place as the next Hawkeye. Little details are out at this time, but it will be interesting to see how the Avenger most fans expected to be killed off five films ago will fare now that he has the spotlight all to himself.


Thor returns along with Valkyrie and Jane Foster. Jane will become the Mighty Thor, the female version of Thor. How did this come to pass and how can there be two Thors at the same time? Nov 5th, 2021 shall reveal all.


Technically a part of Phase 5 and with no release date in sight, Mahershala Ali will bring the role of Blade to life. Don’t be surprised to see Blade pop up first in Doctor Strange, as he and the good Doctor are heavily involved in the supernatural.


The first family is returning to Marvel proper. After two failed attempts and Disney’s purchase of Marvel, The Fantastic Four will be integrated into the MCU. No release date was announced nor any casting, but it is exciting to see all corners of Marvel converging into the MCU. My fantasy casting: John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, Emily Blunt as the Invisible Women, Zac Efron as Human Torch, and Luke Evans as The Thing.


Surprisingly no Spider-Man announcement. Apparently with the Disney and Sony deal, Sony has the rights to announce the movie. As long as ‘Far From Home’ made over a billion, which it did, then a third installment would be made. Don’t be surprised to hear a Spider-Man announcement for Sony sooner than later. While Kevin Feige, the head of the Marvel Movie division, said that the X-Men would eventually join the MCU there was no hint as to when or how mutants would be introduced. No doubt Disney wants to wait for the stink of ‘Dark Phoenix’ to clear out before trying to reintroduce the characters.