Marvel Movie Universe now that it’s over

Chuck Sipps, Arts and Life Editor

Marvel’s Endgame has brought to a close over twenty movies worth of stories. No piece of cinema ever before has rivaled it in terms of scope and importance. We may never truly see something like it again. While Marvel has announced a slew of upcoming movies, it’s time to take a look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at its best and worst in these top 5 lists.

Top 5 Heroes of the MCU

1) Iron Man- While in my heart, I will always love Captain America just a bit more – no one else deserves this spot but Tony. He is the soul of the MCU and the Shepherd that ushered in the Infinity Saga and shielded his flock as they journeyed into the next phase of the MCU. Rest in Power, Mr. Stark.

2) Captain America- If Iron Man is the soul of the MCU, then Cap is its heart. Never before have we been so enthralled by an old white dude from the 40’s. Cap is the epitome of self-sacrifice, always putting others before himself. Plus, he is the bearer of America’s Ass.

3) Thor- Thor is a god, however,  we love him because of how truly human he is. His role in Ragnarök proved to be a turning point for him and truly cemented him as a beloved character. His realization that despite his failures he is still worthy is one of the most emotionally earned moments in Endgame.

4) Ant Man- While relatively new to the MCU when compared to those above him, Scott Lang is the everyman that is needed to ground the Avengers. Not granted his powers due to science or the divine, Scott is just a schmuck who stumbles into them. He proves that past mistakes do not prevent future glory.

5) Hulk- HULK SMASH! Need I say more?

Top 5 Villains of the MCU  

1) Thanos- Who else could it be? The threat behind every occurrence in the MCU, how could Thanos possibly live up to expectations? By being one of the most compelling and sympathetic characters ever put to screen. There are points in Infinity War and Endgame where you want Thanos to win, until you remember he once tried to kill half the population.

2) Killmonger- Another compelling villain who takes the second spot on the list. Not only is he a physical threat to Black Panther, he is an intellectual one as well. Killmonger gets into a moral debate with Black Panther, that Wakanda should not be an isolated state and instead help the less fortunate in the world, and he wins changing Black Panther’s viewpoint on isolationism. Plus, Michael B. Jordan is fine.

3) Loki- The original big bad of the MCU, Loki finds himself at number three thanks to diminishing returns and his flip flopping between villain and not quite a villain. Still without him, the Avengers would have never formed.

4) Vulture- The Vulture is a villain scarier when he is just being Michael Keaton as opposed to when he is suited up as the Vulture. He brings the right blend of creepy and scary to the definitive Spider-Man film.      

5) Red Skull- A Skeleton-faced Nazi. If I have to explain more than that, you are part of the problem.

Now a quick-fire listing of the top 5 moments and films.

Top 5 MCU Moments

1) Avengers Assemble- Endgame. The line that took nearly ten years to be delivered. Boy was it sweet.  

2) Cap is worthy- Endgame. To see Cap lift that hammer and open a can of whoop ass on Thanos. GET HYPED SON!

3) “I am Iron Man”- Endgame. A more somber entry but one that does indeed prove that Tony Stark has a heart.

4) The Snap- Infinity War. The event that changed everything and truly cemented Thanos as the ultimate threat.

5) “Have you heard of the Avengers Initiative?”- Iron Man. Nick Fury’s line that first hinted at the MCU.

Top 5 films of the MCU

1) Endgame

2) Infinity War

3) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1

4) Homecoming

5) Ragnarök

That’s it for our ranking of the MCU. Let us know what your ranking is at [email protected] to see your list in the next issue of the Independent.