Police Blotter

Desiree Dylong, News Editor

The following crimes occurred on Northeastern Illinois University’s (NEIU) main campus between the dates of March 9, 2013 and April 16, 2013.
Three incidents of Theft over $300 occurred on campus, two in Lech Walesa Hall (LWH) and one in the Fine Arts (FA) building. Both thefts in LWH were of tablets left unattended, and the theft in FA was of a laptop accidentally left behind at a copy machine. One incident of Theft under $300 occurred in building C. The item stolen was an iPod left behind in a closet.
One incident of Hit & Run occurred on March 13, 2013 in parking lot F when an unknown offender struck a parked vehicle.
Three incidents of Possession of Cannabis – 30 grams or less were reported on or near NEIU’s campus. The first resulted in an arrest for cannabis and drug paraphernalia on March 14 in the parking garage during a traffic stop. The second occurred on March 21 in parking lot F, resulting in three citations and an i-bond issued to an NEIU student for traffic violations and illegal transport of alcohol. The third incident occurred on March 27 on Central Park Ave, when officers responding to a suspicious person report arrested a person for possession of cannabis. All three have court cases pending.
14 incidents of Criminal Damage To State Supported Property in the form of graffiti occurred between March 19 and April 16 in the bathrooms of the following buildings: LWH, FA, College of Business Management (COBM), building B, Bernard Brommel Hall (BBH), the Ronald Williams Library (RWL), building E, and the Student Union. The majority of the damage was done to mirrors and stall doors. Graffiti was also found on the door of an elevator in LWH on April 2. A vending machine in BBH was damaged on April 15. Offenders in all of these cases are unknown and most have been administratively closed as of the date of publication.
One incident of forgery was reported by the controller’s office March 26. An unknown offender illegally cashed an NEIU check.
NEIU’s fire alarm system was set off in buildings C, D, and E by a fog machine utilized in a theater production on April 8. The Chicago Fire Department responded.
One Motor Vehicle Offense – Suspended-Revoked was reported on April 9. Two citations and an i-bond were issued to a person driving on a suspended license with expired registration.
An NEIU student reported to Campus Police that she was being stalked by her ex on April 12.
An arrest was made on April 14 for Driving Under the Influence near the intersection of Bryn Mawr Ave. and Drake Ave. A court date is pending.