Police Blotter: March 23 一 31, 2019

March 23 – Home Gallery: The fire department responded to smoke coming from an NEIU-owned property and cleared the scene.

March 25 – NEIU: A staff member reported that an unknown person has been “fraudulently” signing him up for magazine subscriptions without his consent.

March 27 – Student Union: During an after-hours patrol, officers observed subjects being let into buildings without signing in with the police. Everyone involved was reminded of the sign-in policy.

March 27 – Parking Lot C: An unknown person struck and damaged a person’s car while it was parked.

March 29 – Parking Lot J: A student reported accidentally striking and scratching a parked car while attempting to park their car. The car owner of the damaged car was notified and given a copy of the non-injury traffic report.

March 31 – P.E. Building: Police responded to multiple fights between spectators after a soccer match; however, after the police officers “restored peace,” everyone involved refused medical attention and to pressing charges.

March 31 – LWH: After being found in LWH after being asked to leave another building by police, a subject was verbally warned and will be given a written warning if they’re found not complying again.