3/11-3/21 police blotter

These are the incidents reported to the NEIU police between March 11th through the 26th. To report an incident call: (773) 442-4100 https://www.neiu.edu/university-life/university-police

Daniel Rosendo

3/11/19: Building B

Officers responded to multiple calls of student screaming and being irate and disruptive in counseling office. Student was told to leave campus and finally complied.


3/13/19: Police Department

Officer observed damage to squad car that appears to be intentional. Offender is unknown.


3/14/19: Granite Gallery

Police assisted city inspectors with access to NEIU owned building. They were being denied access to building for a public health complaint.


3/14/19: The Nest

Officers responded to a suicide attempt call. Victim admitted to being depressed and had not caused any injury to self. Victim transported to hospital for evaluation.


3/15/19: Library

Building service worker reported finding open interior doors and beer cans in bathroom after hours. Officers searched building. Search yielded negative results.


3/16/19: Lech Walesa Hall

Letters were written on to toilet paper dispenser and letters etched on to mirrors in men and women’s bathrooms. Offenders are unknown at this time.


3/21/19: NEIU

Employee reported a suspicious e-mail received asking for personal information. He was advised to not respond nor provide any personal information to sender.


3/21/19: Parking Garage

Worker used aerosol spray in area, which caused the fire alarm to go off. No smoke or fire was reported. Engineering department reset the alarm.