Local and National Places to Donate Time and Money for Women’s History Month

Local and National Places to Donate Time and Money for Women’s History Month

Robin Bridges

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor

The United States Congress ruled that March was to be National Women’s History Month in 1987. Every year, the current president of the United States gives a proclamation, honoring the achievements of American women. The following are some, of many, places to donate time or money to during National Women’s History month and beyond.


Casa Corazón (La Casa Norte): Providing services in English and Spanish, Casa Corazón serves and provides stable housing and services to youth and families facing homelessness. Their core values are to “work collaboratively, demonstrate empathy, cultivate mutual respect, provide access to resources and opportunities and create a just experience for all people. The result is that people have the power to create change within themselves, their families and their communities.”

Center on Halsted: With more than 1,000 community members visiting the Center on Halsted (CoH) per day, it’s one of the most comprehensive community centers in the Midwest. The CoH is “dedicated to advancing community and securing the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland.” The CoH offers an array of services such as Resident Partners, an incubator for small non-profit LGBTQ organizations; exercise classes; performances; cooking classes; rapid HIV testing; group therapy; and vocational training, amongst others. The services offered are available for children, youth, adults and seniors. Along with offering services for the LGBTQ community, the CoH offers programs for women such as hosting the Women’s Action Committee; art programs; gram nights; and others.

Chicago Women’s Health Center: Focusing on women and transgender folks, the Chicago Women’s Health Center (CWHC) provides physical and mental health services and education to empower  their clients in an affordable manor. CWHC offers their services on a sliding scale and has approximately 6,000 clients per year. Services they offer include: gynecology; primary care; counseling; trans health services; alternative insemination; acupuncture; reiki; massages and body work; health education; workshops; amongst other things. Their healthcare approach states: “We treat clients as unique individuals, helping them enhance their knowledge and understanding about their own health care needs. This encourages clients to be self-advocates and active participants in their own health care. Clients consistently express their appreciation for our collaborative approach that respects each individual’s needs and allows time for clients to ask questions, describe concerns, and become involved in treatment decisions.”

Gender JUST: Founded in 2008, Gender Justice United in Society Transformation (JUST) is a newer “multi-racial, multi-generational collective with a diversity of marginalized gender and sexual identities, skills, cultures, abilities, citizenship status, educational backgrounds and income levels” working towards changing their communities. Their mission statement says: “Working from an anti-capitalist and prison abolitionist framework, we are transforming our communities by disrupting race, class, gender, age, religion and ability hierarchies in the service of a multi-dimensional and powerful movement. We promote innovative, community-based solutions to safety, wellness, and resource disparities that are accountable to those most vulnerable to institutional violence and harm.”

Howard Brown: With several locations around the city, Howard Brown offers many different services for people of all ages and is LGBTQ+ friendly. Their mission statement says: “Howard Brown Health exists to eliminate the disparities in healthcare experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through research, education and the provision of services that promote health and wellness.” Some of the services Howard Brown locations offer are: preventative care and routine physicals; gynecological services; infectious disease care (including HIV and Hepatitis); transgender health services; alternative insemination referrals; elder care; and therapy.




Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America: By donating your time to a child or young teenager that needs it, you can make a difference in their life. The Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) organization has been around since 1904 and helping adults and children making “meaningful, monitored matches” across the country. Adult people who invest their time to become “Bigs” and the “Littles” come from an array of diverse backgrounds.

Girls Not Brides: Donating money to the Girls Not Brides (GNB) organization is another possibility. GNB is globally-known and has partnered with “more than 1,000 civil society organizations,” all of which are dedicated to eradicating child marriage and enabling girls and young women to reach for the future. At this time, individuals cannot become members; however, there are other ways to support GNB such as donating to their partners’ endeavors, sharing child bride information via printables or social media, amongst other things available under their “Take Action” page.

Emily’s List: Get involved with Emily’s List, an organization working with and helping women to get elected into office. Their tagline is: “We ignite change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office.” To support Emily’s List, you can make financial or time donations by attending one of their events. If you were considering running for office, please visit their website for more information.

I Support the Girls: Donate bras and menstrual hygiene products to the organization “I Support the Girls,” (ISTG) a group working toward providing menstruation products to homeless women and female youth. While they aim to help women, it’s important to note not all women menstruate but some men do. To get involved with ISTG, you can make product or financial donations. The organization also offers people to help by starting a collection or drive; hosting an event; volunteering or inviting the I Support the Girls staff to an event to speak.

Planned Parenthood: You can donate your time and money to Planned Parenthood (PP). Depending on where you live, it’s possible to even become a PP escort for people going to and from the facility. PP offers many different health services such as general health care; birth control and emergency contraception; abortion services and referral; HIV services; LGBTQ services; men and women’s health services; patient education; STD testing, treatment and vaccines; and pregnancy testing and services.

For more information, please visit the websites of the respective organizations.