Police Blotter: 02/08 – 02/20

The following events happened on NEIU’s campuses from Feb. 8 to 20, 2019:

Feb. 8 – El Centro:

A power outage in the area caused the fire alarm to go off. The fire department and NEIU police responded. There was no smoke nor fire found.


Feb. 10 – The Nest:

A resident snuck in an unauthorized guest and refused to let them leave when asked. Subject eventually complied and guest left without incident.


Feb. 10 – Access Road by P.E Building:

Driver issues two state citations and an I-Bond for failure to stop at a stop sign and driving on a suspended license. A court date was issued.


Feb. 10 – Station Information:

Player injured after accidentally colliding with another player during a soccer match. Players where offered EMS but refused assistance.


Feb. 11 – Bernard Brommel Hall:

Fire and police department  responded to a fire alarm that was set off by an issue with a hydraulic pump in an elevator. No smoke nor fire was found; the alarm was reset.


Feb. 14 – Parking Lot C:

NIEU officer responded to a report of a damaged parking meter in the lot. Damage appeared to be damaged due to weather and ice that knocked the meter out of place.


Feb. 20 – NEIU Police Office:

An NEIU employee walked into the police station upset about a work-related suspension notice. Employee was given information on steps to take with the union representative. Employee eventually calmed down and left.


Feb. 20 – Bernard Brommel Hall:

Student was very distraught over losing their backup and laptop.