Police Blotter: 01/15 – 01/28

Jan. 28: Parking Garage:

Smoke detector tampering prompted response from officers and engineers. The Chicago Fire Department reset the alarm.


Jan. 28: P.E. Building:

NEIU officer guided woman to the police station because she was upset at her child’s father, whom had not yet returned their child. Police contacted him and the father complied.


Jan. 24: Off-Campus:

Crash report filled out after a woman was rear ended attempting to make a left turn on Bryn Mawr. Neither party sustained any injuries.


Jan. 24: Fine Arts:

Building services employees reported a suspicious male in the Fine Arts building but wasn’t found when police officers conducted a search.


Jan. 23: Parking Lot C:

A parked vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked.


Jan. 22: LWH:

Student slipped and fell on a patch of ice but wasn’t injured. The area was re-salted by facilities.


Jan. 22: 3412 W. Bryn-Mawr:

An officer found an abandoned building with damaged windows during a routine patrol.


Jan. 21: Parking Lot J:

A light pole was found knocked down and damaged. Electricians were notified and are working on repairs.


Jan. 20: P.E. Building:

Police responded to a verbal altercation at a soccer game. One of the upset persons was upset and felt that the other person disrespected a female attendee. 


Jan. 17: Library:

Fire alarms went off and library staff began to evacuate the building but soon realized contractors accidentally set off the alarms.


Jan. 16: Fine Arts:

A faculty member spoke to the NEIU police about a student who wants to join his class but has given him grief in the past.


Jan. 15: Human Resources:

Police officers former employee assisted to the Human Resource office and to pick up his belongings from his work area.


Jan. 15: El Centro:

Facilities were notified after a garage wall was graffitied was found.