NEIU Police Blotter: Dec. 17 to Jan. 14


Rut Ortiz

Students can request a police escort to their vehicle when leaving campus late at night.

Jan. 14 – 5555 N. Bernard:
NEIU police officers responded to a “disabled vehicle” in the middle of the road.The driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license and no insurance. The driver was cited for the suspended driver’s license and their vehicle was towed.

Jan. 10 – B-Building:
NEIU police officers approached a female in the building when the alarm went off. The female was seen in other buildings but denied it. She was issued a stop card which is a receipt from the police stating why the person was stopped with the officer’s information.

Jan. 9 – Bryn Mawr/Bernard:
NEIU police officers responded to the scene of a person hit by a car. The victim refused medical treatment but was transported to the hospital by his father.

Jan. 9 – P.E. Building:
An unknown person graffitied on the P.E. Complex’s exterior electrical boxes. NEIU facilities were notified for clean-up.

Jan. 7 – El Centro:
An unknown person graffitied on the garage doors of the old warehouses by El Centro. NEIU facilities were notified for clean-up.

Jan. 5 – D-Building:
A student broke a hallway window because they leaned against it while sitting on the floor. The student didn’t sustain any injuries.

Jan. 2 – CCICS:
An NEIU employee slipped and fell on a patch of ice in the parking lot; they sought out medical attention the following day.

Jan. 1 – Off Campus:
Chicago police officers contacted NEIU police about a former NEIU student whom is allegedly involved in an open case.

Jan. 1 – Access Road:
Chicago and NEIU police officers responded to an accident with a rolled over vehicle. The driver wasn’t injured but was cited and has a pending court date.

**According to Lt. John Schulz from the NEIU Police Department, there weren’t any incidents reported from Dec. 20 to Dec. 31, 2018.**

Dec. 19 – NEIU:
NEIU Police Officers conducted a well-being check on a student who has insinuated to violence and self-harm on several social media posts.

Dec. 17 – Off Campus:
The Title IX Officer and Counseling Services were notified of an NEIU student stalking another student. The victim now has an order of protection against the stalker.

Dec. 16 – 7-Eleven (5610 N Kimball Ave):
A 7-Eleven employee was robbed at gunpoint by an unknown person. The robber left before the Chicago Police arrived.

Dec. 6 – BBH:
The Chicago Fire Department arrived to NEIU after electricians accidentally set off the fire alarm while working on the fire panel.

Dec. 5 – P.E. Building:
Staff found one male and two females in the steam room. They were asked to leave and were reported to the Dean of Students.

Dec. 5 – BBH:
NEIU student reported disturbing encounters with a classmate, going back to 2016. Student was offered a police escort.

Dec. 4 – El Centro:
A suspicious male was reported going in and out of El Centro looking for a student during a college parent event. The NEIU Police looked for the suspicious male but couldn’t find him.

Dec. 3 – The Nest:
The NEIU Police responded to a suspicious person in the Nest who refused to leave. The suspicious person was brought to the police station to wait for his mother to pick him up.

Nov. 30 – BBH:
NEIU Police officers investigated a “concerning phone call” to university staff about a memorial service that was taking place on campus.