NEIU Police Blotter: Oct. 3 – Nov. 1

Cecilia G. Hernandez, Writer

Oct. 3 – The Nest: Officers responded to verbal dispute between roommates. A verbal threat was made prior to officer’s arrival but dispute ended peacefully.

Oct. 11 – Parking Garage: Unknown offender keyed victim’s car while it was parked in the parking garage.

Oct. 12 – Olive and Jersey: While on routine patrol, NEIU officer responded to assist Chicago Police with offender resisting arrest from a hit-and-run incident.

Oct. 16 – B-Building: Unknown offender wrote graffiti inside handicap stall of the men’s washroom. Facilities management notified for clean-up.

Oct. 16 – Lech Walesa Hall: Student reports possible hate writing on desk. After further conversation, it’s determined not to be hate writing. Facilities notified for clean-up.  

Oct. 19 – Access Road: Driver cited after failing to yield right of way to second vehicle. It caused the vehicle to lose control and strike a city light pole. No injuries reported.

Oct. 22 – Parking Lot F: Person reported he found a small bag of suspect cannabis inside his rental car. Officers took possession of bag and inventoried it.

Oct. 23 – Parking Lot A: Driver came in to report a verbal altercation with another driver in parking lot, claims she was called names after driving in the wrong direction.

Oct. 23 – B-Building: Unknown offender ripped soap dispenser off wall and defecated on mat and a second location on campus a few days ago. Facilities were notified.

Oct. 24 – CCICS: An altercation between two students from an alternative school network. Both students were expelled from the program.

Oct. 27 – Lech Walesa Hall: It was reported that someone had clogged the toilet with toilet paper, causing the toilet to overflow. Facilities were notified.

Oct. 30 – NEIU Police Department: Male came into the station requesting assistance with retrieving his belongings from home. Chicago Police Department was notified to assist him.

Oct. 30 – B-Building: Vandalism of a toilet paper dispenser; cover was taken off and thrown to the floor.

Oct. 30 – Student Union: $100 came up missing from the Welcome Desk. Camera footage from the area was reviewed and showed no one entering or leaving the area.

Oct. 30 – Parking Lot J: Student reported that his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. Information was exchanged and crash reports were filed. No injuries were reported.

Oct. 30 – Parking Garage: Male threatened suicide on the fifth floor of the garage. After speaking with officers, subject left in good spirits and without incident.

Oct. 31 – City Streets: Report of a suspicious person. Subject was a homeless male trying to seek shelter from the rain. Contact card was made.

Oct. 31 – Parking Lot D: Offender was backing out of parking space and hit the victim’s car. No injuries. Car crash reports were filed.

Oct. 31 – Student Union: Offender attempted to take food from cafeteria without paying. No complaints were signed. Offender left without incident.

Oct. 31 – B-Building: Unknown offender defecated on the mat outside of the office. Facilities were notified.

Oct. 31 – Parking Garage: Unknown offender defecated on the floor of the parking garage. Facilities were notified.

Nov. 1 – Library: Several students were stuck in the elevator. Students were released before officers arrived.