NEIU Plant Sale Says Goodbye to Winter

Meghan Joost, Staff writer

Old Man Winter’s grip is easing as the temperature outside start to rise. Tulips and spring bulbs are starting to pop up from their winter slumber. Now is the time to roll up the sleeves and start digging in the dirt. The Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) greenhouse has just the solution to brush off those last chills of winter. It is time for the spring plant sale.

“I am excited about the spring plant sale”, stated Oana Vdineanu, a senior here at NEIU.

The spring plant sale offers a wide variety of plants to entice even the choosiest customer. Once a week, student volunteers under the guidance of Dr. Joel Olfelt and Kip Conwell have been working to plant and prepare the plants for the upcoming plant sale. Tri-colored peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, basil, purple basil, cinnamon basil, catnip, strawberries and decorative plants in a variety of colors such as impatiens and geraniums are just some of the plants that will be available for purchase.

“I am starting to get into plants, but I buy them for my mom. The quality is great and the prices are reasonable and I know that the money raised helps to support the Biology department and the greenhouse”, stated Oana.

Come by and see what students have grown. The plant sale is on April 23rd and is open to the public from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in village square.