What to Know About NEIU’s Immunization Records Requirement


Students can download the NEIU Immunization Form online: https://www.neiu.edu/university-life/sites/neiu.edu.university-life/files/documents/asmomin/NEIU%20Immunization%20Form%202018.pdf

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor

Public university students are required by the state of Illinois to provide the written records of their immunizations. NEIU students are being strongly urged to bring in their records by the end of this semester to find out if they are compliant with the immunization policy.

Students are being asked to provide immunization records on the following vaccines: Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal conjugate (meningitis).

NEIU’s Administrative Nurse II, Jennifer Lasko, is the lead staff member on the immunization committee.

Lasko said, “We’re trying to encourage students to come in and do an immunization review with us. Every single record that we receive, every single student, will be actually be reviewed by a nurse. Because we want to make sure that they’re hitting all of those little nuances per category.”

Student Health Services offers the immunization review for free. Lasko said, “I can look up your records if you’re from Illinois, have lived in Illinois… About 23 years ago, a lot of doctors started to download the vaccinations that they gave their patients in a state website. And as a state employee, if your doctor turned in your medication or turned in your vaccinations are reported your vaccinations, I’m able to do that [view records].”

NEIU students have until 2020 before being penalized for not turning in their records. Lasko said that while students have until 2020, students should turn in their records by the end of the semester because “some students are going to wind up being compliant in 2019 because they had their shot in 2009, but then as soon as 2020 comes, they’re going to be non-compliant.” 

Along with providing immunization records, students must fill out the top portion immunization record form (name, student ID number, N-Mail email address, signature, etc.). The immunization record form is available to download on the NEIU website under the Student Health Services page.

Students must show at least three vaccinations, or doses, of Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, one must be Tdap. These “booster” shots last ten years. If students do not have a Tdap vaccination, Student Health Services offers the vaccination for $40 (check only).

Students must show at least two vaccinations, or doses, of MMR that were received on or after their first birthday. Students whom are unable to provide immunization records of MMR may provide lab results of MMR immunity. Student Health Services offers the lab test for a fee of $20 (check only).

Students under the age of 22 (born after 1995) must provide proof of at least one vaccine for Meningococcal conjugate; however, if student received first vaccination before the age of 16, proof of a second vaccination is required.

Religious exemptions and medical exemptions are different. A religious exemption must provide a detailed objection to immunization in regard to the immunization(s) conflicting with their religion. A medical exemption is a signed form or record from a certified doctor stating the student in question cannot receive a certain vaccination due to a medical reason, i.e. allergies to vaccination, life-threatening reaction to medication, etc.

Student who wish to be exempt from the immunization requirement must fill out the religious exemption form, provide detailed objection, sign the form and meet with the Student Health Center to discuss risks of not being immunized.

According to the Student Health Center’s page on the NEIU website, “The objection must set forth the specific religious belief that conflicts with the immunization. The religious objection may be personal and need not be directed by the tenets of an established religious organization. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow immunizations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements.”

The religious exempt form is available on NEIU website under Student Health Services.

International students attending NEIU must schedule an appointment with Student Health Services in order to have immunization records reviewed and receive a Tuberculosis (TB) screening. Immunization and TB records must be translated into English and signed by a medical provider or health clinic. Student Health Services ask international students bring their international certificate of vaccination, or their “yellow card,” to the appointment.

Student Health Services offers the TB screening for free; however, the Quantiferon-Gold TB test is $50 (check only).

Students can send their records to the Student Health Services by uploading them to the NEIU Student Health Portal, faxing (773-442-5808), mailing or hand-delivering them.

For more information, visit Student Health Services is located in E 051 (under the bookstore) or by visiting immunization section under Student Health services on the NEIU website.