Police Blotter 08/22 – 09/20

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor

Aug. 22: Bryn Mawr and Kimball: NEIU police officers responded and assisted a person who was observed stumbling in and out of traffic. Chicago police officers and paramedics arrived at the scene and transported subject to the hospital.

Aug. 24: 5650 N. Kimball: Chicago police officers, Chicago fire department members and NEIU police officers responded to a disturbance call where one person was stabbed and several people were cut due to an ongoing feud between neighbors.

Aug. 24: NEIU Police Department: An NEIU student dropped off copies of protection orders filed against family members. The student informed police that copies were also given to the Chicago police department.

Aug. 25: Off Campus: A citizen reported her 16-year-old daughter missing near NEIU’s campus. A missing person report was filed with the Chicago police and media outlets were notified.

Aug. 26: The Nest: An NEIU Nest resident reported that her boyfriend and herself were being verbally harassed and threatened via social media by a previous roommate.

Aug. 28: B-Building: An NEIU employee became agitated and complained about flies in the work space. The shift supervisor arrived and helped calm down the situation.

Aug. 28: B-Building: An NEIU employee broke a broom while killing a fly that agitated him. NEIU officers arrived and calmed down the employee. The employee’s supervisor was contacted about the incident.

Aug. 29: El Centro: An unknown offender struck and damaged a light pole in the parking lot. Yellow caution tape was placed around the damaged pole and it was reported for repairs.

Aug. 30: LWH Courtyard: NEIU student filed complaint with a Title IX officer regarding an unknown male who stares and makes inappropriate sexual gestures toward her.

Aug. 30: Parking Garage: Officers assisted a student back to his vehicle out after the student parked so close to a pillar that he dented his car trying to back out.

Aug. 30: CoBM Building: A student reported theft of her tablet computer after forgetting it in a classroom for 30 minutes. Offender unknown.

Aug. 30: 3500 W. Foster Ave: Student reported an unknown male followed her and asked for a drink and money as she walked to campus.

Sept. 02: Library: Library staff called NEIU police on an unruly patron who laid on the floor and refused to leave.

Sept. 04: 5401 N. Kimball: NEIU police issued two state citations and one I-Bond for disobeying a red-light traffic control and not having a valid driver’s license.

Sept. 05: Off Campus: A victim filed an identity theft report after his home mailbox was broken into and N-Mail account was hacked. The university help desk assisted the victim to reset his account.

Sept. 05: Café Descarte: NEIU police department is investigating a former employee on possible threatening statements made. The subject was served a trespassing warning at his residence.

Sept. 05: The Nest: NEIU police responded to a 9-1-1 shield emergency call from a student. Nest R.A. checked in with student in his room and it was determined everything was okay.

Sept. 06: CoBm: Racist graffiti was found in the men’s bathroom on a stall. The graffiti was documented and facilities were notified for clean-up.

Sept. 06: B-Building: Lab staff requested the removal of an upset female who was being disruptive and loud over a printing job and class registration. The female left.

Sept. 08: The Nest: NEIU police assisted an R.A. on a well-being check on a student who was reported by friends because they had not heard from student in a while. Student was fine.

Sept. 10: NEIU: An ongoing investigation on a caller who claims someone is using artificial intelligence to send messages into his mind.

Sept. 12: NEIU North End: NEIU and Chicago police responded to calls of possible gunfire or fireworks near campus. After further investigation, police weren’t able to determine what happened.

Sept. 14: NEIU Access Road: A driver lost control of vehicle, jumped the curb and crashed into the guardrail. No injuries were reported. The driver refused medical treatment and a car crash report was filed.

Sept. 17: Parking Lot-D: An unknown offender struck and damaged a parked vehicle.

Sept. 18: NEIU: A student reported a former business acquaintance sent her death threats over the phone. A police report was filed with the Chicago Police Department.

Sept. 19: Library: An unknown offender caused damage to the library’s deadbolt on the exterior door.

Sept. 20: NEIU: A faculty member received a call from an unknown male claiming to be a state police officer, but he hung up after being questioned as to why he was calling.

Sept. 20: NEIU: A student asked to add NEIU as a protected address on her order of protection. NEIU police officers will accompany her to the domestic court.