Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. Newsletter


The Independent

Since the Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. NEIU chapter was established in May 2005, there have been 114 members who have crossed.

NEIU junior and Alpha Psi Lambda member Angel Salgado said, “I joined Alpha Psi Lambda-Rho Chapter because of their values: familia, culture, academics, service and leadership… I joined this great organization because of the diversity.”

Alpha Psi Lambda is the United States’ first and largest co-ed Latinx based fraternity. Salgado continued, “But [the fraternity is] definitely not exclusive. We are a very diverse group with members from different racial backgrounds. I love the aspect that the fraternity is co-ed as both men and women get to interact and work with each other.”

The Alpha Psi Lambda members are passionate about academics, community service and leadership. The basic GPA requirement is a 2.5 out of a 4.0 GPA and enrolled in at least six credit hours.

According to the fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda was brought to NEIU because of the “potential the school has; not only serve as resource to the students but to also serve the Northeastern community by hosting student events, giving scholarships and community service.”

Alpha Psi members said that as a co-ed Fraternity, “we give an opportunity for men and women to work together as one… We offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance their college experience, by making a positive impact to the community, learn leaderships skills, expand communication skills throughout campus and out and most importantly strive for success in education.

The fraternity gives out two scholarships to two individuals every spring semester. Alpha Psi said, “We know the importance of education and sometimes it’s hard to pay for tuition and what better way than to help students financially when it’s possible?”

“Although we are Latino Based, we welcome everybody regardless of gender, sex orientation, or ethnicity,” said Alpha Psi.