Police Blotter, July 8 to Aug. 20

July 8 – Building E: Staff reports possible computer tampering and computer/wire fraud. University technology department notified.

July 20- Building D: Staff member received phishing email from unknown source trying to access her personal account. University’s UTS department was notified.

July 21- CCICS: Burglar alarm at CCICS campus was set off. Chicago police and NEIU police did a walk through of the building and did not find anything.

July 23- Campus Rec: Bag containing one pill capsule found in area used for summer day camp. Pill was disposed of appropriately by health services personnel.

July 24- Building B: Subject found in building after hours and was escorted off campus. Subject did not appear to be a threat.

July 27- The Nest: Several Nest residents reported hearing loud animal sounds. Noises were determined to be from the plumbing work being done by the contractor.

July 27- Lincolnwood Police: Outside agency requested NEIU police assist Lincolnwood police with traffic control at the scene of a major traffic crash.

July 30- P.E. Building: Unknown offender stole victim’s phone and fitbit from bookbag after it was left unattended on locker room bench.

Aug. 2- 3318 W. Bryn Mawr Ave: Two state citations and I-bond issued for expired registration and suspended driver’s license.

Aug. 2- CCICS: Officers responded to burglar alarm. It was accidental. Alarm was reset by officers on scene.

Aug. 9- BBH: Faculty member concerned about finding his office door opened and unlocked – says he always makes sure to lock them.

Aug. 9- 5321 N. Bernard: Officer assisting Chicago Police with information on possible offender’s vehicle from a home invasion call in neighborhood.

Aug. 10- NEIU: Victim filed harassment report after receiving inappropriate email last semester. Victim is not concerned for her safety, she just wants the emails to stop.

Aug. 11- 5834 N. Central Park: Officers conducted investigative stop on car with dark tinted windows and suspected smell of cannabis. Occupants were issued a pedestrian stop data sheet.

Aug. 12- CCICS: Several golf carts being stored in lot after Bud Billiken parade were hot wired and taken for joy ride by unknown kids. Cars were later found.

Aug. 13- Parking Lot D: Unknown person hit and damaged a reserved parking sign in front of Alumni building. Facilities management was notified.

Aug. 20- Access Road: NEIU employee reports road rage incident after male on bicycle cut him off and then confronted him in a threatening manner. Subject is unknown.