Police blotter for April 24

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor

UPDATE: April 2 – The Nest: A guest was found in a closet at the Nest. The guest was found to have officially violated Nest visitor policy and was issued a written trespass warning.

April 3 – Loading Dock: Officers recovered a possible human femur bone in the loading dock. The medical examiner’s office determined it was not human.

April 5 – College of Business and Management: Student reported losing cash inside a conference room.

April 9 – The Nest: Parents did not hear from their daughter since the morning and became concerned. The daughter was found with her boyfriend in the residence hall.

April 10 – 5100 N. Pulaski: Officer observed subject carrying a large object in a bag. The object appeared to be a gun but was actually two swords. The weapons were confiscated and the subject was released to their mother.

April 10 – Library: A patron became confrontational when asked to leave after the library closed but eventually complied.

April 10 – The Nest: A subject was issued a trespass warning after a Nest resident snuck him in. The subject complied with campus police and left the area.

April 12 – NEIU: A student reported another student following her around and sending unsolicited gifts. Officers referred her to the Title XI office.

April 12 – E-Building: An unknown offender drew a lewd photo on an elevator wall with a dry erase marker. The lewd photo was removed.

April 12 – The Nest: Victim reported two domestic batteries she has suffered on two separate occasions. Photos of victim’s bruises were taken. The case is still open because the offender was not on site.

April 13 – The Nest: A subject was banned from the Nest for one year after he used his friend’s ID to gain entry.

April 14 – The Nest: Parents contacted police with concerns about daughter’s well-being. The daughter was found well and living with her boyfriend on campus.

April 15 – 3600 W. Foster Avenue: One subject was arrested for a DUI after a failed sobriety test. The subject was found slumped over the steering wheel in a vehicle that was partially on the sidewalk and partially on grass.

April 16 – The Nest: A resident feared for their safety because of their roommate who throws objects and makes threats. The roommate was not present, but a misconduct form was filled out.

April 17— College of Business and Management: One subject was arrested for pulling a fire alarm to summon police after a dispute with an NEIU student. The subject expressed paranoid thoughts to the police.

April 18 – The Nest: A subject was served a trespass notice for sneaking into the building after being told no guests were allowed after a certain time.

April 19 – Student Union: A subject was transported to the hospital for observation after exhibiting erratic behavior.