Police Blotter March 27

The following occurred on the main campus between March 10 to March 19:

March 10 – P.E. Building: One person was arrested on an active warrant from DuPage County and transferred to District 16th for extradition.

March 12 – The Nest: An unauthorized guest was removed from the Nest and was warned that he will be arrested if he returned.

March 12 – College of Business and Management: Police responded to a male urinating outside of the lab; he was removed and a non-academic misconduct report was sent to the dean.

March 12 – The Nest: A verbal altercation between two roommates turned into social media harassment. Both parties were warned about being arrested if matters escalate.

March 13 – The Nest: A parent arrived with Chicago police over concern about social media threats made by their daughter’s roommate over an ongoing dispute.

March 13 – Bernard Brommel Hall: A student was arrested and transported to jail on seven outstanding warrants and involvement in fraud investigation of NEIU account.

March 14 – The Nest: A subject that was previously removed from the Nest returned but left without incident after being told he wasn’t allowed entrance.

March 15 – The Nest: A sister of a previously banned subject made verbal threats of physical harm against a Nest manager.

March 15 – The Library: Police responded to a possible battery situation but determined no battery had taken place after talking to both parties involved.

March 16 – The Nest: A victim claimed her roommate battered her while she was on the phone. The subject was last seen leaving the Nest with a suitcase.

March 18 – P.E. Building – A subject was arrested for battery after punching opposing team player in the face during an NEIU hosted soccer game. The subject’s court date is pending.

March 18 – A complainant reported her roommate had unauthorized guests in their room; the claim was unfounded.

March 19 – After more verbal threats made by the resident, the resident was asked to vacate her residency and to not return.