Police Blotter March 13

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

The following occurred on the main campus between Feb. 22 to March 7:


Feb. 22 – Library: Officers responded to a complaint of a homeless person inside the building. Food, warm shower and clean clothes were provided for her.


Feb. 23 – Library: Officers responded to a racially motivated graffiti at the library. The offender is currently unknown. Facilities management was notified for a clean up.


Feb. 28 – CCICS: Officers and Chicago Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the south campus. There weren’t any signs of smoke or fire. The Fire Department reset the alarm.


Feb. 28 – P.E. Building Exterior: A student was cited for violating the smoke-free campus policy. The matter was also reported to the dean of students for non-academic misconduct.


March 2 – College of Business and Management: A staff member received a suspicious letter under the office door. She believes it is related to the work she does with the community.


March 4 – Parking Lot J: A student reported a vehicle stolen from the parking lot. After further investigation, it was revealed that it was legally repossessed.


March 4 – CCICS: The alarm company notified NEIU police of a burglar alarm that was set off at the south campus location. Officers conducted a sweep of the building. No one was found.


March 6 – D-Building: A subject is under investigation for five fraudulent transactions using NEIU accounts.


March 7 – The Nest: A well-being check was conducted on a resident after others expressed concern for her. The resident is doing well and had left campus to go to a friend’s house.