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Invasion of illicit drugs in our education system

Ankush Vyas, Online Editor

May 28, 2019

Ultimately, students taking illicit drugs is a genuine issue in light because it not only impacts the individuals in all aspects of life, the effects swell out destroying families due to emotional and financial burden caused by healthcare expenses. Communities and the public in general are also impacted if students are bringing...

Representation of bigger bodies in Hollywood is here but is it too late for us?

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor

April 16, 2019

Growing up in the 2000s as a thick girl was tough. Low cut jeans, midriffs and tiny two-piece swimsuits were in. Being thick was not. I grew up watching tall, thin, fair skinned white women on TV. There wasn’t any other representation other than the aforementioned. If there was, it wasn’t for teenagers. I recently began...

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