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The Butley's and Del Valle's mingling From left to right_ Chuck Sipps (Frank), Jennifer Blair (Virginia), Claribelle Navarrete (Tania), Leo Aranda (Pablo) Photo Credit_Photo credit_ Sarah J. Fabian

NEIU’s Stage Center Theater Presents: ‘Native Gardens’

March 10, 2020

NEIU’s Stage Center Theatre closed out February with its interpretation of Karen Zacaraias’ “Native...

At certain points throughout the play, when words no longer served any purpose, the cast would break out it into dance.

Review: ‘Bobrauschenergamerica: A Belly Full of Laughter and Candy’

October 21, 2014

Charles Mee’s whimsically strange “bobrauschenbergamerica” kept the audience laughing, tapping...

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Jennifer Blair