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Fall Into Fun – NEIU Club Extravaganza!

September 19, 2012

By NEIU NEIU NEIU Anime Club NEIU Indian Students Association NEIU Undocumented Resilient and Organized NEIU Chess Club NEIU True Vine (University Bible Fellowship) NEIU Accounting Club NEIU Latinas in Power (LIP) NEIU Student Veterans Club (SVC) NEIU NH2O NEIU APICS NEIU Que Ondee Sola NEIU Cycling Club NEIU Earth Science Club NEIU Feminist Collective NEIU Black Heritage Gospel Choir NEIU Justice Studies Club NEIU Storytelling and Strategy Club Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has an assortment of clubs that students can join based on their individual interests. Since NEIU is a commuter school, joining a club is a way to get involved on campus and build camaraderie among peers. Fall into Fun week exposed the student body to the variety of clubs and organizations open to students. Below is a list of the student organizations that participated. Unless otherwise specified, all clubs or organizations meet during activity hour on Thursdays from 3-4 p.m. Most of these clubs can also be found on Facebook. Let us know if we missed your club at Undocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) URO membership is not necessarily for those who remain undocumented but also for those who can relate to the struggle and others unfamiliar with it. The club works to show undocumented students that it is possible to gain a quality college education. They also reach out to the community to show high school students that college is possible even if they're undocumented. Check out their website at where you can also contact them about meetings and events. NEIU Anime Club For people who share a common interest in anime, the Anime Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday in SU 216. They are currently working on a zombie-themed game that should take place in October. Find them on Facebook. Indian Students Association (ISA) ISA “aims to unite students of all backgrounds who share a common interest in Indian history and culture,” according to their advertisement in the previous installment of the Independent. After a one-year hiatus, the ISA returns. Meetings are held in the Ronald Williams library on either Tuesdays or Saturdays. Contact them at [email protected] and find them on Facebook. Their next event, Garba Night, takes place on Oct. 12. Chess Club According to NEIU Chess Club Faculty Advisor David Rubin, chess helps us “to plan ahead, develop the mind, helps with priorities, managing time wisely, patience, and it’s played all over the world.” For fans of the game and for those who would like to learn, the club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in the cafeteria from noon until the last players leave. The club is interested in forming a team to play other schools. True Vine (University Bible Fellowship) The bible study group welcomes anyone from any religion to meet and discuss the bible. True Vine meets four times a week at the student lounge under Beck’s Bookstore and on Saturday mornings next to Descartes Coffee Shop. Find them on Facebook for more information, or contact President Matt Groters at [email protected] Accounting Club The club currently meets Thursdays to assist in informal tutoring sessions that “focus on helping each member in whatever topic or classes they are having trouble with,” according to an e-mail sent to its prospective members. They are working on events such as the Becker CPA Exam Simulation and bringing in an ILBOA Board Member Speaker and a Fraud Examiner Speaker as well as holding Quickbooks Pro training workshops during November and December. Join their Facebook at Their meeting place on Thursdays is TBA. Latinas in Power (LIP) Latinas in Power is a collective of women that tackles feminist issues, seeking to empower its members assisting them in excelling academically. They have hosted a number of events at NEIU, worked with non-for-profit organizations and raised money for scholarships. LIP meets Thursdays in SU 217. For more information, contact Natalie Ortiz at [email protected] Student Veterans Club (SVC) According to SVC Secretary Rebecca M. Rodriguez, roughly 500 veterans attend NEIU. SVC welcomes all of these veterans, providing a list of resources that can help them with their educational goals. They are currently putting together an event for Veteran's Day along with other projects such as a homeless run. Contact them at [email protected] or find them on facebook: .:Seeds:. NEIU’s official literary and visual arts journal provides a space for members of the school community and beyond to showcase their diverse creative talent and share their passion. They meet Thursdays, in E-035, unless otherwise specified. The submission deadline for the fall publication is Oct. 12. To submit, go to NH2O- Northeastern’s Hip-Hop Organization works to decriminalize the way that hip-hop is viewed in both the public and the media. They hold events on campus that include break dancing, rap performances, graffiti art and DJ’s. Meetings are held Thursdays. GLBTQA The club advocates for the GLBTQA community promoting awareness for HIV. Through speeches they work to show that one should not judge human beings based on identity or sexual orientation. They meet Thursdays room B152. The Association for Operations Management (APICS) APICS helps students expand their professionalism allowing network opportunities in operation management thus giving students an advantage in being successful in the business world after graduation. APICS is working on getting a speaker from German company Bosch, part of the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. They meet once a month. Contact President Alex Ulyanov at [email protected] for more information. Que Ondee Sola Que Ondee Sola is NEIU’s latina/o student magazine published several times a year. Their mission: “To provide the NEIU community with relevant and engaging information on student and community issues with a focus on Puerto Ricans and other Latina/o groups.” For more information on joining or submitting articles, contact [email protected] or stop by E041 for one of their weekly meetings on Tuesday or Thursday at 3 p.m. Hillel Hillel is concerned with Jewish student life on campus and Chicago. They meet once every two weeks, beginning Tuesday September 18. They provide opportunities to potentially study abroad in Israel. Events include Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Shabbat services. For more information contact [email protected] Cycling Club The club is trying to be more active and needs members to help them do this. Most of the NEIU community may not be aware that there is an emergency bike kit available to all students that is occasionally re-stocked by club members. All students are invited to contribute as well. The club claims responsibility for adding more bike racks on campus and would like to push for free air. Contact them at to receive emails on bike funding in Illinois and find them on Facebook. Earth Science Club (ESC) One of the oldest clubs at NEIU, the ESC plans activities for Earth week in April. They also plan educational Spring break trips, have visited the Ozarks and Smoky Mountains and assisted Boy Scouts in earning their geology merit badge. Help them figure out other types of events they can offer to the NEIU community by filling out a quick survey at . A bake sale will take place on Oct. 3. Meetings take place every other Tuesday at 3 p.m. In BBH 112. Contact [email protected] for information. Feminist Collective The collective promotes awareness towards gender issues, conducting sex education workshops and presentations regarding women in poverty and gender pricing. Their big event is the Vagina Monologues during the spring semester. Meetings take place from 3-4 p.m. In LWH 2094. Contact them at [email protected] Black Heritage Gospel Choir A main focus of the choir is that it’s not just about singing, they also do ministry as well. Anyone is welcome to sing with them. Weekly meetings are held on Tuesday & Thursday 3 to 4 p.m. Intervarsity (Christian Fellowship) “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?” is the question posed by Intervarsity's information table during Fall Into Fun Week. Welcoming people of all backgrounds, Intervarsity wishes to explore the ultimate questions of life together. The club seeks to host another inter-faith dialogue event offering open discussion to generate spiritual conversations with people of any faith, no faith or anti-faith. Justice Studies Club (JSC) The JSC sends out emails twice a month regarding issues pertaining to their club's name. Their mission is to promote social justice on campus and in the community. A trip is planned for early October at a Boston conference on environmental justice issues such as water safety and global warming. Contact JSC President Ebony Kinnebrew at [email protected] Heavenly Models This faith based club’s goal is to show that women, rather than relying on outer appearance, must recognize their inner beauty. They volunteer in soup kitchens and outreach programs and have raised funds to provide for orphanages in Nigeria. This year they would like to reach out to hospitals and schools. Meetings are held by schedule. Contact Mickey at [email protected] Storytelling and Strategy Club Their main goal is to explore the ways in which games can benefit the way we view and solve problems in everyday life. The club focuses on how keeping in touch with your inner child can benefit you as far as creativity and problem solving goes. There's always something to take from playing games. Black Caucus The Black Caucus meets Thursdays in SU 003. Their hope is to bring together the NEIU community to help them achieve more. They have held black graduations and Mr. and Mrs. NEIU events....

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