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My Top Five Essential Valentine’s Day Movies

Vincent Dilworth, Contributing Writer February 11, 2024
a list of five movies that perfectly encapsulate what makes both the holiday and romantic love itself worth treasuring and respecting.
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“Mean Girls” the Movie Musical: A Not So Fetch Adaptation of a Broadway Show

Bella Cardoza, Staff Writer February 11, 2024

When “Mean Girls” was recently released in theaters on Jan. 12th, 2024, I had the chance to see the movie and ended up having a lot of thoughts about it. This movie is an adaptation of the “Mean...

Right Fight for Rights

Marshall Stewart, Alumni Contributor February 11, 2024

In America, we have many examples of people being denied federal rights. For me, a Chippewa tribal member, my story of being denied these rights occurred at a pinnacle moment of my life when I was supposed...

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“Vinland Saga” Season 2 Review

Dash Valladh, Contributing Writer February 8, 2024

“I have no enemies” is a powerful quote that establishes the general theme of both the anime series and its source manga, and with this new season, the audience will finally understand the purpose...

Letter to the Editor: Lack of Native American Perspectives at NEIU

February 7, 2024

To the Editor,   As a student of Northeastern Illinois University and an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, I am compelled to address a critical issue: the absence of Native American representation...

Old Tropes, New Tricks: A Review of “Poor Things”

Old Tropes, New Tricks: A Review of “Poor Things”

Zachariah Simmons, Opinions Editor January 29, 2024

  The films of Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos are often unpredictable and discomforting. Whether you saw his last outing, “The Favourite,” or if you’re a pioneering fan and remember one...

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“Saltburn” Review

Leslie Lozada, Editor in Chief January 21, 2024

Released in late 2023, this British dramedy revolves around Oliver Quick (played by the electrifying Barry Keoghan) and his friendship with Felix Catton (played by “Euphoria”’s actor Jacob Elordi)...

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Associated Press On the Wrong Side of History

Ryland Roberts, Online Editor January 21, 2024

The one thing all journalists working for NEIU’s newspaper, the Independent, have to follow is the AP Stylebook. Not Advanced Placement, but Associated Press. Most newspapers follow this style. AP is...

“Boop!” Review: The Betty Boop Musical Dances Its Way Into Chicago

Isbellla Cardoza, Staff Writer January 20, 2024

On December 9th, 2023, I was privileged enough to go see the Pre-Broadway tryout of “Boop!: The Musical.” If you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it is based on Betty Boop, the popular...

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“This is Petty Shit.” a Reporter’s First Impression of the Faculty Senate

Ryland Roberts, Online Editor January 20, 2024

UPDATE: I would like to apologize to Mateo Mohammad Farzaneh for the Identification in the article. It was Dennis Grammenos who was quoted saying “This is petty shit”, not Dr. Farzaneh. I will...

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Satirizing the Black Monolith: A Review of “American Fiction”

Zachariah Simmons, Opinions Editor January 20, 2024

  The ‘fiction’ that is being discussed in Cord Jefferson’s (“Watchmen”, “The Good Place”) adaptation of Percival Everrett’s, “Erasure'' and feature directorial debut, “American...

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