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Faculty and student protesters at the university town hall meeting.

Faculty, Staff & Students Protest Town Hall Meeting Demanding Accountability From NEIU Administration

Scott Andrews, Writer February 7, 2023

A group of about 30 students and faculty members marched from the village square in the Student Union building to the auditorium on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 as the University executive cabinet, including...

Faculty Member Proposes Call for Immediate Intervention from Board of Trustees

Dan Maurer and Leslie Lozada January 26, 2023

NEIU’s Faculty Senate met on Jan. 17, 2023 for the first time this calendar year amid an administrative shake up and ongoing enrollment crisis for the university. During proceedings, Senator Aneta Galary...

University Administration Confirms Loaded Weapon Brought Into The Nest at NYE Party

Scott Andrews, Writer January 26, 2023

Chicago Police Department (CPD) and NEIU Police on New Year’s Day recovered a gun while they were responding to an altercation at The Nest, where a group of residents held an unsanctioned New Year’s...

President Gibson Allegedly Says Members of Faculty Senate “Individually Responsible” for No Confidence Vote

Erwin Lopez Rada, News Editor January 26, 2023

NEIU’s institutional crisis evolved quickly. A failure of the school to meet enrollment and retention goals for Fall 2022 triggered a no confidence vote on Nov. 15, 2022 against President Gibson's performance...

Vice President Kimberly Buster-Williams
Photo from NEIU Website

NEIU Vice President Buster-Williams Hired Someone As Her Interim Associate Vice President Who Allegedly Works Two Full-Time Jobs in Michigan

Erwin Lopez Rada, News Editor January 19, 2023

Diane Fuselier-Thompson wrote in the acknowledgments to her dissertation to obtain a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that “my support system runs deep and wide including...

Faculty Assembly Vote on Gibson Takes Over Faculty Senate Agenda

Dan Maurer, Opinions Editor January 19, 2023

The Faculty Assembly met on Wednesday, Nov. 22 having at the top of their agenda the reactions of President Gloria J. Gibson and the Board of Trustees to the vote of no confidence in the president. By...

University Professionals of Illinois Serve Pizza, Teach About Their Rights

Dan Maurer, Opinions Editor January 19, 2023

UPI, the union representing faculty, librarians and advisors at NEIU held a teach-in in Village Square at the Main Campus on Dec. 1. Professors and union members spoke with students about the ongoing contract...

BREAKING: Faculty Assembly Delivers Vote of No-Confidence in Board of Trustees

Dan Maurer, Opinions Editor December 5, 2022

NEIU’s Faculty Assembly has voted, 188-16, that they have no confidence in the Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor of Illinois.   According to the NEIU website “The board has the...

BREAKING: Board of Trustees will Not Renew President’s Contract in June, 2023

Dan Maurer, Opinions Editor November 30, 2022

As of Nov 30, The NEIU Board of Trustees announced that they will not be renewing President Gloria J. Gibson’s Presidential Employment Contract when it expires on June 30, 2023. The Chair of the Board,...

Photo by Cecilia G. Hernandez

University Administration Addresses Problems at the Nest

Dan Maurer and Scott Andrews November 15, 2022

Students that live at NEIU’s on campus residential community are concerned about their living conditions and problems with the third party company that manages The Nest.  Scott Andrews from The Independent...

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

NEIU Board of Trustees Members Doubt Commitment, Competence of Students

Erwin Lopez Rada, News Editor November 15, 2022

NEIU Board of Trustees member Jonathan Stein criticized NEIU students saying that they have a “dual responsibility” in the decline of enrollment at school because students drop out due to a lack of...

BREAKING: NEIU Faculty Assembly Delivers Vote of No-Confidence in President Gibson’s Leadership

Dan Maurer, Opinions Editor November 15, 2022

With 253 votes counted, 224 (89%) of the Faculty Assembly indicated that they do not have confidence in President Gloria J. Gibson. Only 29 faculty members voted that they do have confidence, a resounding...

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