Golden Perspectives – ‘How do you approach someone you’re romantically interested in?’

Golden Perspectives – “How do you approach someone you’re romantically interested in?”

Camille Harness (Senior) – “The way my husband and I ended up getting together was – he was actually dating my friend and we bonded over the fact that he was trying to break up with her because she was going crazy. We were just friends initially and I was completely like, ‘You’re my friend’s boyfriend, I’m not getting into that.’ But because we were so nice to each other and just friends, it evolved into a relationship.”

Josh Andre (Junior) – “It depends on the time and it depends on the person. I don’t really have a signature go-to move. I would ask them if they wanted to be the mother of my pets [laughs] if we’re on Tinder. I would say, ‘I already told my pets that you’re going to be their mom.’ If it’s in person, I’ll be myself. You just got to be goofy and be nice.

Miguel Gomez (Junior) – “I would approach them in a friendly, goofy manner. I like to have fun with them by trying to make them laugh and enjoy that time with me to make it memorable so the next time they see me, they’d want to be next to me. That leads on from there. A lot of guys fear being in the friend zone, but it’s okay to be close to the friend zone ‘cause a woman always wants to be with her best friend and they want to marry their best friend. You’re not supposed to get out of the friend zone. The friend zone is not bad. The problem is it makes it awkward when you’re struggling to get out. Now you’re hurting her and your friendship instead of building off of your friendship.”

Mariana Vazquez (Senior) – “I just smile. Not creepily. I don’t think I’m as fluent in that area as some people would think. I’m actually very shy when it comes to those things. I just smile because I know I have a good smile. I probably compliment her like, ‘that shirt compliments your skin tone really well.’ Something like that, something cheesy like that, and then I continue smiling. Or I compliment her eyebrows. If I think you’re cute, I’m going to compliment your eyebrows. That’s my go-to move. And I continue smiling. I don’t flirt, I talk. It’s not my fault I’m smooth.”