Police Blotter 10/17/2017 Issue

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

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The following incidents occurred between the dates of September 21st to October 12th at NEIU’s main campus

Sept. 21 – Mailroom: An unknown crystal-like substance was found in an envelope with Chinese script used for the return address.

Sept. 21 – Follet’s Bookstore: A subject was arrested for stealing an article of clothing from the campus bookstore.

Sept. 21 – Parking Garage: An unknown offender damaged a vehicle while parked in the garage.

Sept. 23 – Bryn Mawr Ave: An unknown male was found barefoot and wandering the street. He was taken to Swedish Hospital for evaluation.

Sept. 25 – Fine Arts Building: A complainant reported an unknown African-American male with a muscular build exiting a stall inside the women’s washroom.

Sept. 26 – The Nest: A subject who was found trespassing in January 2017 was arrested for being in the building today. The subject was transported to the 20th District police station.

Sept. 27 – The Nest: A resident assistant reported a strong odor of burned cannabis in one of the rooms. The residents of the room were placed on notice.

Sept. 28 – Parking Lot D: An unknown offender damaged another vehicle while it was parked.

Sept. 30 – The Nest: Officers responded to loud noise complaints in a room. Subjects left before the officers arrived.

Sept. 30 – C-Building: An issue with a smoke detector set off a fire alarm. The fire department responded and the alarm was reset.

Oct. 1 – Tunnel Area: An unknown offender spray painted graffiti.

Oct. 2 – Parking Garage:  An unknown offender stole a fog light from a victim’s car while it was parked in the garage.

Oct. 3 – Brommel Hall: An unknown offender caused significant damage to a wooden door and its lock.

Oct. 3- Brommel Hall: An unknown offender wrote graffiti in the stairwell.

Oct. 4 – Parking Garage: Approximately seven male juveniles were observed on the rooftop of the garage with discharged fire extinguishers. The juveniles were escorted home.

Oct. 4 – Student Union: A complainant claims injury after a faculty member twisted her fingers in an attempt to stop her from getting candy.

Oct. 4 – The Nest: A resident assistant found a hookah pipe in a room. The R.A. notified the resident that they were in violation of Nest policy and confiscated the pipe.

Oct. 6 – Parking Lot J: An unknown offender struck and damaged a victim’s car bumper.

Oct. 7 – The Nest: Officers located two juveniles in a room after hours. They were escorted to the station and were released to their grandmother.

Oct. 11 – Fine Arts Building: An unknown offender wrote graffiti on the bathroom stalls and damaged the automatic flusher.

Oct. 12 – Parking Lot J: An unknown offender struck and damaged a victim’s car in the lot.

Oct. 12 – The Nest: Officers responded to two females fighting. All that were involved will face disciplinary action.

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