” Man vs Rock”: What the rock?

Miguel Casimiro, Online Editor

Have you ever started reading a book and stopped to wonder “What am I reading? Why am I reading this?” Well, “Man vs Rock” is one of those books.

The weird comic book at first glance makes you wonder, what is in this book that makes it so interesting to pick up. The cover of the book shows a unique cover of a man bombing the structure of Mount Rushmore.

The book follows Buck Stone, a professor of geology and in his quest to tell the world about rocks turning against the humans. The series of events in the book follows Stone on this twisted journey of telling people about the evil of rocks and in the end, fights back against the rocks. The collected first 4 volumes are crazy. The mayhem continues in volume five through seven that are available online at manvsrock.com.

The book is a head scratcher and it tends to send the reader down of rabbit hole of events that are ridiculously funny tied in with explicit language and photos. The writing isn’t great but the illustrations kept me reading.

The books tend to come upon a lot of nonsense, but it’s the good form of it. It wraps the reader’s mind because of the characters that are presented. The characters are all a mixed bag and they are all completely lost. Geology Professor Buck Stone works at the Robert E. Lee University of Northern Aggression in New York City. Buck Stone was my favorite because he simply does not give a F*#@.

Reading the book made me think hard about what I was reading and it’s not a good comic book. Reading the comic made me lose a couple of brain cells by the end. I will say this, the only interesting parts are the way the illustrations are placed. The illustrations really lay out the book, but overall, it’s not a good book.

The author really threw out a storm of ideas that don’t make any sense, but I would give him a thumbs up with the illustrations.

Overall, I would not recommend this book at all. Save your money.To the author I say, map out the ideas before making any moves on the next issue.