Man on the Street – NEIU Speaks Out On Lech Walesa

Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Senior Staff Writer


Cristina Maldonado Garcia Senior CMT Major
“People have a choice of what they want to be career wise and if an lgbtq individual wants to excel and be a political leader then they should be and honestly we need more people like that in politics and in everyday life. As for the second question it wouldn’t bother me if we go back to calling it the classroom building because that’s all I’ve ever known it as, and for the record someone needs to stand up to people like Lech Walesa, cause if they don’t make a stance for the acceptance of LGBTQ individuals then they won’t ever be fully accepted.
Dee Sheppard Graduate Student, Counseling Major
“I haven’t read exactly what his comments were but regardless of that fact knowing that the comments were patently unacceptable in the context to a man who our university chose to have represent who doesn’t even uphold the same values our university does, the name should be changed. I for one don’t want to be represented in that manner.”
David Velazquez Freshman, Undeclared
“If NEIU truly is diverse then they’d change the name as soon as possible. His words were immoral, and despite the fact that he has the same rights that we do concerning free speech his comments do not coincide with the values which many of the individuals within the LGBTQ at NEIU, and NEIU itself hold, and as for the name change it back to the classroom building.”
Angella Starr Freshman Art Major
“Change the name, being a minority myself (who he attacked in a follow up interview) I don’t feel comfortable with someone or anybody for that matter saying that we have no rights! It’s discrimantory, and down right wrong for us (all minorities), and the university.”