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Police Blotter – 1/24/17

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Police Blotter – 1/24/17

Rut Ortiz, News Editor

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Police Blotter

1/24/17 Issue – Spring 2017

The following occurrences happened between the dates of Dec. 8 to Jan. 6 at and near NEIU’s main campus:

Dec. 8 – RWL: A victim claimed her boyfriend slapped her during a verbal dispute but later on recanted her story.

De. 11 – RWL: A victim claimed that he was stuck in the elevator and was later freed by engineers.

Dec. 17 – LWH: Steam from extremely hot running water set off smoke detectors.

Jan 6 – 5413 N. St. Louis: A driver was issued two state citations and an I-Bond for a suspended driver’s license and stop sign violation.

The following occurrence happened on Jan. 4 at NEIU’s El Centro campus:

Jan. 4 – Fire alarm: A power surge set off a fire alarm. The Chicago Fire Department responded.

The following occurrence happened on Jan. 8 at NEIU’s CCICS campus:

Jan.8 – Fire alarm: A leaking fire pump packing seal set off a fire alarm. There was no smoke or fire and engineers were able to handle the situation.

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Police Blotter – 1/24/17