Freaky Deaky music festival: review

Idoia Solano, Writer

Halloween arrived a week early this year.

Freaky Deaky music festival was proof of that. It was a Halloween catwalk in which attendees could not only enjoy their favorite artists’ performances, but also show off their costumes, some of which were highly elaborate. Show and spectacle were not only present on stage while musicians were performing, but everywhere the entire time.

One of the popular choices among women was dressing up as Harley Quinn, the supervillain from DC’s “Suicide Squad.” Another frequent choice was painting their faces as catrinas, becoming colorful human skulls, which was actually a more comfortable choice, as it didn’t require specific clothes, just some flowers on the top of the head. Among men, the most frequently seen outfits were zombies, the Joker character from “Suicide Squad,” creepy clowns (now mainstream) and every kind of mask, especially those used by the group Anonymous.

The three day event brought out some creative costume collaborations such as the group of Power Rangers, but there were also some really original ones, for example a group of girls dressed up as bees, and the boy of the group as the beekeeper, or another group representing Alice in Wonderland, with each member dressed up as a different character of the movie. Animal costumes are always popular, and Freaky Deaky wasn’t different, there were tons of people dressed up as cats, dogs, bears… with multiple accessories, such as kitten ears, panda masks, tiger tails and even bird wings.

The most original ones tried to dress up as things that are currently mainstream, that’s the reason why there were attendants with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks and others dressed as crazy Cubs fans, given the team’s recent success.

Freaky Deaky was definitely a high-quality festival when it comes to music, with amazing performances of well-known musicians from different genres. But it was also such a spectacle when it came to the people attending and their crazy Halloween costumes. Most of them were really original and elaborate, challenging the low temperatures without jackets, but making the event even more special.