Review: Kaskade and Deadmau5 collaboration


Courtesy of Frank Manno and Tom Hilton via Flickr

Kaskade (left) and deadmau5 (right) released the latest version of “Beneath With Me” on Oct. 7.

Cristian Munoz, Writer


The wait has finally come to an end! The collaboration that the electronic dance music world has been anxiously awaiting was dropped Oct. 7 by Kaskade. The collab featured iconic DJ, Deadmau5.

The last time these music icons collaborated was 2008. They produced a tune called “I Remember,” which was undoubtedly one of Kaskade’s stronger tracks. It has since become an anthem in the electronic dance music community.

In April, Kaskade and Deadmau5 announced that they had been working together on a project named, “Beneath With Me.” Fans of the artists say that the making of this song took longer than it should have. This song has actually been released three other times by Kaskade and Deadmau5.

“Version four is very, very close to version three.” Kaskade said in an interview with Revo TV.  “I had some other things I wanted to tweak on it, so I fixed it up and got it all done.”

The fourth and final version of “Beneath with Me” surfaced, unannounced, on Kaskade’s Facebook and Soundcloud accounts on Oct. 7. Kaskade then took to Twitter to announce that the song was officially released.

When I first heard the song, I had mixed feelings about it. I think it sounds a lot like Deadmau5’s other songs with slower tempos and a focus on instrumentals rather than vocals. I was expecting Kaskade’s style to have a bigger influence on the track.

Kaskade’s songs are usually upbeat and have a quicker tempo, and bass drops that give your body an adrenaline rush. “Beneath with Me” is a slower song that keeps a steady, chill beat with only a few drops.

To everyone’s surprise, Kaskade also posted a music video alongside his announcement. The music video might explain why he took so long to release the song. The song featured Skylar Grey whose mellow voice was fitting for the new version of the track.

The song has a creepy and haunting feel to it that is also portrayed in the music video, which features Grey as a bloody woman in the aftermath of a bad car accident. Her car is overturned and she’s struggling to get out  while her boyfriend lies motionless face down on the ground several feet away. When Grey finally pulls herself out of the car she heads toward a distant bright light, which probably means that her boyfriend died or that they both did.

I think that the video compliments the song well. The song has a creepy feel and the video captures that theme well. I think that the video would have been more entertaining to watch if they added different settings. I got bored watching it halfway through because it just focused on one scene of the car.

Overall I think the song is okay. I would give it a six out of 1o, but I don’t think that the song is going to be nearly as big as their last collaboration.

Maybe this track will give Kaskade and Deadmau5 a reason to go on tour together. I would love seeing these DJs spinning together on the same stage.