Campus Rec Kicks off the Holiday season with 8 Week Bootcamp

Sylvia Burian, Staff writer

Campus Rec is offering an eight week boot camp, just in time to get ahead on those post Halloween/Thanksgiving workouts. The camp takes place at the P.E. Complex and has already begun.

Maria Choochkeh and Bryan Ayala co-host the bootcamp, but they don’t want the term “boot camp” to scare you away. While it’s no walk in the park, the rigor is determined by those taking the class.

“The idea of implementing a boot camp program at NEIU was to get students into fitness,” Choochkeh said. “And be the motivation to them so that they incorporate their health in their daily lives.”

Some days are filled with cardio and others are spent in the weight room. Workouts include: assisted dips and pull ups to help build strength, as well as the use of the rowing machine, and body weight workouts.

The end of each session includes stretching so that the muscles can relax. Stretching is also vital to injury prevention and increased mobility which in turn will help performance in more rigorous physical activity.

Penny, one of the boot camp participants, said “I enjoy the accountability it creates.”

Her initial reason for signing up was for weight loss, but now she finds herself enjoying the workouts.

Stephanie Herrera, another participant, explained that the program has helped her to become healthier as the weeks went on.

The group meets in front of Studio One in the P.E. Complex.

Overall it seems like a fun class that strives to keep pace with its participants. The instructors seem knowledgeable and keep the boot camp upbeat. It would be a good option for those looking to begin learning about working out and how to best tailor them to your physical needs.

If now isn’t the best time for you, but this sounds like something you’d like to do, don’t worry.

“We are definitely thinking about creating more boot camps or other types of programs in the future,” Choochkeh said. “I believe creating programs like this will bring students and members more into the health and fitness world.”

So keep your eyes peeled for posters or stop by the P.E. Complex to inquire. There are always options for getting involved and don’t forget it’s still not too late to join this semester’s boot camp.

If you’re thinking “nah, not right now,” but the post-Holiday season have you feeling more motivated down the road it’s never too late to start. Maybe we’ll see a New Year’s Resolution Boot Camp in the future!