Have a sweet day

Katie Pastorelli, Staff writer

Sweetest Day is very much like Valentine’s Day, only later. The third Saturday of the month of October is the day to spend with your special sweetie.

Sweetest Day began in Cleveland in 1922 by a man named Herbert Birch Kingston, a philanthropist and an employer in a candy store. His goal one day was to bring happiness to the lives of the underprivileged and otherwise forgotten. He gathered his friends, and together they gave out candy and small gifts, certainly bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.

The outpouring of gratitude on this special day was mainly celebrated in the Great Lakes and the Northeast but has certainly begun to spread to other areas of the country. Ohio is the state where sales are the highest. Michigan, Illinois, Texas, California and Florida are among the top 10 states in sales for this special day.

If you’re single, no worries. You can also spread appreciation to your friends with candies, flowers and creative cards. This holiday is not only for the lovebirds; they get Valentine’s Day. Have a girls’ night out at the movies, or a slumber party at a friends with a marathon of your favorite DVD series (Gilmore Girls, anyone?).

If you have long-distant friends that you value, send them a surprising package or a homemade card. Even the simplest things have value on Sweetest Day.