Even ‘Stranger Things’ to come in season 2

Spencer Jones, Sports Editor

Hopefully you’ve already heard about the blockbuster Netflix series that took away everyone’s summer. The sci-fi hit “Stranger Things” came out of left field. It’s no surprise that this vintage, 1980s styled series has been picked up for a second season. Viewers will have to wait until next year to figure out how Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will continue their lives after experiencing a season of weird events, but it’s never too early to speculate on the outcome. Caution: This article contains spoilers.

Ten before Eleven? – The protagonist for the first season was the young Eleven, or “El.” Once partnered with Dustin, Mike and Lucas, she takes them on a mysterious adventure to find Will. We find out as the season goes on that she has the power to control people and objects with her psychokinetic mind, something that she was trained to do at the shady Hawkins Lab. In the final episode of season one she defeats the demogorgon and vanishes into thin air. Fans of the show are wondering if El will be back for season two, but the better question is if there are more children like El. It’s not a stretch to believe that the doctors were planning to use Will in the same way that they used Eleven. Could Will possibly lead the rest of his team back into the Upside-Down to find El and discover stranger things?

The mystery surrounding the chief and his daughter – Speaking of more children like El, we could be in for a more in-depth understanding of what happened with the chief’s daughter. So far we know that she died from cancer, but one thing that most viewers probably overlooked is a clear signal that more is to come. In the final episode of the season, Chief Hopper and Will’s mother Joyce journey into the Upside-Down after Hopper agreed to give up the location of El in exchange for a chance to go find Will. While in the Upside-Down they found Will’s fort and a stuffed bear. This wasn’t just any random stuffed bear though, this bear looked exactly like the toy that his daughter had. Could this possibly be a signal that her spirit is somewhere in the Upside-Down?

What’s up with Will Byers? – There’s no way that you can’t feel sorry for this kid. He went from protecting his friends in a friendly game of Dungeons and Dragons, to almost losing his life in the Upside-Down. As noted by his older brother Jonathan, Will is great at hiding, and that ultimately saved him from the monster. Now that he no longer has to send decoded messages through Christmas lights in his mother’s living room, he can go back to living a normal life … so he thinks. In the final scene of the season, we find Will excusing himself from the kitchen table to use the bathroom. While in the bathroom he stops at the mirror, coughs up a slug and sees things as if he’s back in the Upside-Down. When Chief Hopper and his mother Joyce found him he had a huge slug making its way down his throat, but what if it was more than that? Will could possibly have a body filled with the tiny creatures that are feeding on him.

Hopefully, all these questions and more will be answered during season two, coming to Netflix in 2017.