Rec’n Expectations

Michelle Bright , Writer

Campus Recreation has spent the summer preparing some big changes in the P.E. Complex.

The biggest change is the hours of operation. The P.E.Complex is now open seven days per week.

Director of Campus Recreation Dave Merrill spoke about the building having minor improvements like painting and getting the floor cleaned. “Physically we haven’t made a whole lot of changes because of the budget crisis, so it put projects on hold,” said Merrill.

While the pool roof is still in progress, Merrill said they are focused on adding a family-style changing area

“One of the priorities that we have had for the last couple of years is changing a small locker room area into a family-style changing area, to meet the needs of students and to meet the needs of parents and kids,” Merrill said.

The P.E. Complex has also planned to implement extended hours of operations to accommodate the new campus housing. With the enrollment of these students, Merrill hopes to see an increase in gym membership and intramural sports participation.

“We are starting to take registration for the fall Intramural sports: Flag Football is the first big sport that we have.” Merrill said. “The philosophical plan is that we want to have more fun sports whether its clubs or intramural sports. Once you get students in the building they will keep coming back.”

Maria Choohkeh, a student and fitness instructor, spoke about opening a new boot camp fitness program. The boot camp program comes around every few years and Choohkeh felt this was a good year to do it.

She is hoping to have both beginners and experienced people join the program.. “The goal for this program is to motivate people into more fitness and into health,” said Choohkeh.

The Program starts at the end of September and classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flyers for this class and other classes will be posted around campus and on each P.E. Complex bulletin board. Other schedules for NEIU group classes or the Campus Recreation hours can be found on their website at