Letters of Leadership: Alpha Psi Lambda

It is an honor to be able to share with you who the noble brothers and sisters of Alpha Psi Lambda, National Incorporated are.

Alpha Psi Lambda was established at The Ohio State University on February 11, 1985. Our Northeastern Illinois chapter was founded on May 12, 2005. Over the course of the 30 years this organization has 25 chapters and 6 colonies. This number is expected to grow over the years and we are eager to share our mission and purpose across this country.

We hold ourselves to our eight purposes that we strive to live by. One is to promote inter-fraternity relations. Alpha Psi Lambda presses to do this by having collaborations of events with many of the other 13 Greek organizations on campus. Serve the university campus and community, and advocate for the needs and concerns of the Hispanic/Latino students. Alpha Psi Lambda is currently having fundraisers and collecting money to give out two $500 scholarship to two deserving students.

The mission of Alpha Psi Lambda is to “promote continued personal and collective growth of our membership, success and unity through education leadership, cultural awareness and community service.” It is important that an individual always strive for success: That they can hold leadership positions and they can graduate, as well as be enhanced by having cultural awareness and give back to the community through community service.

The reasons a person should specifically become involved with Alpha Psi Lambda are the following: Academics, Leadership, Community Service, Familia, Culture, Traveling and Networking.

Academics is very important to us. We hold to a standard of at least 8 hours of studying per week and hold everyone accountable for that. Leadership skills are gained when holding different positions/offices such as president, and secretary, etc.

Community service is very important. We give back to our National Philanthropy, The Boys and Girls Club, by creating drives to collect items to donate to the organization, as well as donating money and volunteering our time. Along with the many other community services that we have done such as: Feed my Starving Children, Canine Rescue, Light the Night, etc.

Familia is the foundation through which you can develop lifelong friendships and they will be the people who will get you through those tough times while sharing in the joys of your successes.

Culture means learning about diverse groups, specifically those that make up Latino culture. It could mean learning about food, religion or other ways of life practiced by different cultures.

With the many chapters and members across the United States there are always opportunities to travel and visit other chapters.

Last is networking. With the large alumni population, a person can get connected with people working in a variety of fields.

Make sure to lookout for more of our upcoming events!

If you are interested in learning more about Alpha Psi Lambda, you can email us at [email protected] , or contact Cheyenne Farrell (Associate Member Educator) at (847)863-3387, or Diamond (President) at 773)397-9167.

Warm Regards,

Diamond Barnes

President of Alpha Psi Lambda, Rho Chapter