We’re Almost Back to the Future

Melissa Brand


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Several hoaxes circulated around the Internet in 2012 saying that the day Marty McFly went “to the future” in Back to the Future II, had finally arrived. The actual day is not until Oct. 21, 2015, which isn’t too far away. Have people been keeping up with changes in technology to see if the future here is like the one portrayed in the 1989 movie?  Does anyone own a hover-board or flying car like they did in Back to the Future II? Sadly, no one that the Independent reached out to could show us their hover-board or flying car, and the fastest travel they could get locally was on the CTA with their U-Passes, not some type of time machine. Christopher Churchill, a CMT major said, “What’s funny is what happens in sci-fi movies is usually only about 50 years ahead of time anyway. Besides teleporting and flying through space, the stuff they have on the Enterprise in Star Trek, we have.”

Here’s a look at some of the changes in technology from when Marty started his time travel to now:

Reginald P. Grigsby, a grad student in Inner City Studies, who said he wasn’t real familiar with Back to the Future II said, “I think it’s Acura that has been working on a car that drives itself. In maybe about 10 years there will be a remote so it can drive itself to you.”  Grigsby also said that if time travel existed, “I wouldn’t want to go backwards.”

The trilogy of Back to the Future was all based in 1985, but then each went their own way. In the original movie, Marty McFly went back in time to 1955 and almost ruined his parents meeting. In the second movie, that’s when Marty went to 2015. The third movie took Marty back to the Wild West.  One more fun fact from when Marty was in the future: he saw a holographic newscast saying that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2015. This definitely did not happen by 2012, but who knows what will happen by 2015? Perhaps flying cars have a better chance at making it in the future than a local sports team.