TV Shows You Should Watch in the Fall

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Melissa Benoist as Supergirl!

Every fall, once we’ve overcome the heartbreak of t
he of the previous spring’s cancellations, (still
nursing “Firefly” wounds here!) We all take a chanc
e on the new shows, looking for the next “Mad Men”
or “Breaking Bad.” You know, the next show you’ll b
inge watch ‘til 3 a.m. The next show that will clog
your blog with crazy fan theories (R+L=J).
So, will this season offer anything worth writing d
ebauched fan fiction? Let’s see.
“Angel from Hell” – Honestly, this show hooked me w
ith one sentence. Jane Lynch as a guardian
angel. The funniest woman on Glee plays Amy, a woma
n who is the guardian angel to Allison,
played by Maggie Lawson. Or is Amy just crazy? Imag
ine “Touched by an Angel” as a CBS sitcom.
And starring a woman who could make the phone book
“Legends of Tomorrow” – Yet another CW superhero sh
ow, that ties into two, already
established shows on the channel. It’ll be hard kee
ping up with “Arrow,” “Flash” and “Legends
of Tomorrow,” especially since crossovers are happe
ning, but I’m down. Marvel may be
dominating cinema, but DC for years, has dominated
TV. “Gotham,” “Smallville,” “Wonder
Woman;” DC shows never fail to deliver. “Legends” f
ollows rogue time-traveler Rip Hunter,
appropriately played by Arthur Darvill of “Doctor W
ho” fame, assembling a team of heroes and
villains to save the world or something. Honestly,
I’m just geeking out about Darvill.
“The Muppets!” – They’re BAAAAAACK! Jim Henson’s lo
veable, felt creatures return to
television for the first time in 17 years! But this
time, they’re for grown-ups. ABC recognized that
adults were going to be way more excited than the k
ids, so they made this mockumentary show
just for them. But I don’t know how I’ll be able to
cope, how we can watch when Miss Piggy and
Kermit are no longer together. First Ben Affleck an
d Jennifer Garner, now two fictional, felt
creatures. My heart will not go on.
“Supergirl” – Yeah, another DC superhero show. In c
ase you can’t tell, I’m a DC girl. I promise
this is the last one. (At least I didn’t mention Lu
cifer). Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor-El,
Superman’s cousin, who also escaped Krypton’s destr
uction. Just go with it. Hopefully, CBS’s
attempt to cash in on the comic craze will inspire
a generation of girls, just like the last TV show
starring a female superhero; “Wonder Woman,” with L
ynda Carter, in 1975. Please succeed
“Supergirl!” Score one for girls everywhere!
“Of Kings and Prophets” – Okay, trust me, I know th
is is based on a Biblical tale, but have you
read that thing? It is bloodier and more violent th
an all of the “Game of Thrones” books,
combined. This ensemble cast follows the rise of Ki
ng Saul (Ray Winstone) and the political
rivalry between his and King David’s families. The
only problem is that this show will air on ABC.
The channel owned by Disney. The family-friendly ch
annel. I highly doubt it will be as violent as
the source material. Oh well. We always have “Outla
nder” on Starz.