Advice for Freshmen, Transfer and Returning Students

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McNair Scholars Program
October 31, 2017


NEIU students navigate their way around the quad.

#1 – Financial Aid:

*Regardless of whether you’re a student who receives financial aid, it’s worth sitting down with a financial aid adviser to learn how the entire process works and what you have to do as a student to make sure you are not without funding for your classes. They will help you find the money.


#2 – Textbooks:

*Before sites like Amazon, Chegg and (among others), the only way to buy books was from a bookstore in new, pristine and expensive conditions. Research before buying or renting and you can save hundreds.


#3 – Maps and Directories:

*If someone had stopped to give me tips on how to get around campus without getting lost or had I stopped to read a directory on my first day at Northeastern…well, I probably would not have been so lost on my first day at Northeastern. Directories are everywhere — use them.


#4 –

*Let’s take music as an example: Different people have different reactions to the same song. Similarly, different students will react differently to the same professor. This site gives students a bit of insight on what other students have already experienced with a professor, but nothing is set in stone. If you want to take a class, visit the professor, talk to them during office hours or ask to sit in on a class. Research them. Simply because one student didn’t like a professor’s method of teaching, does not mean all students will feel the same way.


#5 – Join a Club:

*Yes, this is a cliché piece of advice. But it’s cliché because it’s true. Clubs help you become a well-rounded individual, make the most of your college experience and can possibly lead you to future friendships around the world. In other words: don’t waste your time while in college.