Letter From The Editor

Dear fellow students,

A new semester is beginning and for many new and returning students alike, a new semester is exactly that: a new beginning, a clean slate.

Obtaining a college education is a challenging task. It’s a challenge because graduation is the ultimate goal and in order to reach said goal you have to do things that are sometimes outside of yourself. Examples of the things students do are staying up in the wee hours of the night, finishing a term paper or going to every library in the city of Chicago, conducting research for a project.

There will be projects where you work within a group and times when you fly solo, but the end goal is the same: the recognition that you accomplished an amazing feat. The sweet part is that education once obtained can never be taken away from you because through diligence, some sacrifice and hard work, it’s completely and indisputably earned.

A friend once told me that if my dreams didn’t scare me they were not big enough. That was definitely food for thought. It made me wonder what I wanted to do in school and for the rest of my life. While I’m still planning the rest of my life, I realized I had NEIU and that I had it right now.

I’m a member of the Independent newspaper on campus and I love what I do. This organization is a living, working organism and thrives to produce the best product it possibly can. The university and surrounding community is our focus and we are here to hold accountability on those we report.

I believe that all campus organizations thrive but students won’t know that until they’re in one and see for themselves.

It is my belief that your time in college is an awesome experience that should not be taken lightly. Speaking from experience, there will be times of doubt in everything you do. But you’re at NEIU and this is your time, right now. Allow yourself to be challenged and you will be surprised at what you’re made of or you could even realize your full potential in a subject you never thought possible before.

As a student, I completely get it. I revolve my work schedule around my classes but working and studying simultaneously can be done.

Will it be difficult at times? Yes. Is it impossible to accomplish? No.

You can do this. While you’re in school, join a club or organization, find something you care about, make potentially lifelong friendships, work with integrity and study like you mean it.

Your place is at NEIU and your time is now. Have an amazing fall semester.