Clinton and Rubio 2016 Presidential Race Will Make History


Screenshot by Rut Ortiz

Candidates will face off in 2016 race for presidency

Alejandra Franco, Sports Editor

Even though there is still over a year left until the presidential election, we are already on our way to make history.

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton announced she would be running for president in 2016. The announcement didn’t surprise many people, seeing that the only person she lost the primaries to in 2008 was Barack Obama, who eventually went on to win the presidential election.

Even though her husband is arguably one of the most memorable presidents, Hillary Clinton has never allowed herself to be labeled as just the First Lady.

What a lot of people don’t know (or forget) is that Clinton actually has quite a background in politics. She has a Doctorate degree from Yale Law School where she served on the editorial board in the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. She went on to serve as senator for the state of New York, and eventually moved on to Secretary of State.

Those who follow politics know that there is more to Clinton than her husband. In order for Hillary Clinton to make a serious bid for the White House, she needs to demonstrate that to voters, she isn’t just another Clinton running for Office.

On the other side of the political parties, Senator Marco Rubio also announced he will campaign for the presidency in 2016. What Rubio shares in common with Clinton is that they can both make history if elected.

The Floridian senator is a young and popular Cuban-American. A son of immigrant parents from Cuba who claims to understand what the life of an immigrant can be like. In a country founded on immigration, this could potentially benefit Rubio in the polls.

However, because of his ideas regarding the repairs of the broken immigration system here in the USA, Rubio may not be as popular with the Latino vote.

Throughout his run for the presidency, Rubio will emphasize his story of being a son of immigrant parents and making it in American politics.

If he can use this American Dream story as a motivator for others, including motivating others to simply vote, Rubio can maybe secure the bid that is if Senator Jeb Bush doesn’t run. But that’s for another article.