Man on the Street

Do you plan on voting in the November midterms?

Sergio Almodovar


Jorge Campos
Jorge Campos – Sophomore – Undecided – “I guess I will… No general reason, just to put my voice out there and say ‘I voted.’”


Iman Ford
Iman Ford – Freshman – Accounting – “Wow… that’s a good question. I should vote in November I still gotta fill out the paper and do the paper work, but voting in November would be a good decision.”


Estefni Alvarez
Estafani Alvarez – Junior – Dance – “Yes. I’m going to vote because we woman have fought so hard to have equal rights.”


Jose Patricio
Jose Patricio – Senior – Social Work – “Yes, as a minority I want to make sure our vote is counted.”


Miguel Dernal
Miguel Bernal – Freshman – Undecided – “I’m just lazy and I don’t know where the voting places are.”


Nahi Stein
Nahi Stein – Senior – Psychology – “Yes, I am going to vote. I feel it’s important. I understand all our votes are decided by the electoral college, but not everyone in the world has the opportunity.”


Anwar Abdallah
Anwar Abdallah – Graduate – Elementary Education – “Of course! It’s our right to vote as citizens. It’ll assure we vote for the candidate that best represents our beliefs and our values.”



Danny slivon
Danny Slivon – Senior – Business Marketing – “I am not going to vote in November because I have no idea who the candidates are-like at all.”