Police Blotter

Sep. 1 to Sep. 15

Oct. 7thThe following offenses occurred on NEIU’s main campuses between the dates of Sep. 1 to Sep. 18. A portion of offenses is listed that were not listed last issue between Sep. 1 to Sep. 15.

1. Parking Garage, Sep. 1, unknown offenders damaged and stole fire extinguishers from the parking garage.

2. Fine Arts Building, Sep. 2, an unknown offender wrote graffiti inside of the men’s washroom stall.

3. Parking Lot – F, Sep. 2, an unknown offender made a 7-inch scratch on a victim’s car door while parked.

4. Parking Lot – F, Sep. 3, three citations and an I-Bond were issued for driving on the sidewalk with a suspended driver’s license and no insurance.

5. Fine Arts Building, Sep. 3, an unknown offender stole a victim’s cell phone after it was left unattended in the bathroom stall.

6. E Building, Sep. 12, there was an incident of criminal defacement of property.

7. E Building, Sep. 18, criminal damage to state property; graffiti.

The following offenses are not mapped:

Access Road & Foster, Sep. 2, in a two-car collision, no one was injured, though the offender was offered a citation for failure to yield at his intersection.