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Seasons Change


A series of poems and prose offerings presented by SEEDS Literary & Visual Arts Journal.

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Seasons Change

By Heather Obmann


While the leaves blow colorful

red, green, orange, and yellow,

I walk with the crunching below.

The cold air fills my lungs,

while hot chocolate keeps my heart warm.

Flashback to those days,

innocent minds filled with no jealousy, anger, or regret.

Just as the leaves, our colors change.

We began to separate ourselves from

the branches that united us together.

But oh, the colors are so lovely.


The snow begins to fall outside.

Inside there is light, my home.

My own personal sun, smiling so bright, handsome, warm, kind.

Laughing with the background of the barking of our two hounds.


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Heather Obmann is a junior at Northeastern studying to become an occupational therapist. She enjoys sports of all different kinds, and was a very successful, award winning basketball player in her high-school years. Heather loves traveling the world, looks forward to achieving all of her goals in her future career and every now and then enjoys writing beautiful poems whenever she is inspired to do so.

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