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Knowledge of Yourself By Chris Zavacki

A series of poems and prose offerings presented by SEEDS Literary & Visual Arts Journal.
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Knowledge of Yourself
By Chris Zavacki

No one knows themselves completely
You say you won’t do it, but do.
Don’t you see?
I am true.

You were one person way back when.
Had different ideas then.
You changed,

Now you are a new person
Then you were before.
Have you worsened?
Or blossomed even more?

You thought you wouldn’t do what you did
Way back when.
You were a naive kid.
Only a mere nine or ten.

You do stuff for a reason.
Even if you don’t like it.
It might not be treason,
But for you it will not sit.

You don’t know yourself.
You think you do right now,
But look back at your past self.
Would they do the stuff you vow?

* * * * * * *

Chris Zavacki is a senior and has been published in the SEEDS corner and the journal. Zavacki is inspired by the dark side of subjects and brings light to them. He is the Vice President and Poetry Editor of SEEDS and enjoys experimenting with word choice and structure in his pieces.


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