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Untitled By Julio Garcia

A series of poems and prose offerings presented by SEEDS Literary & Visual Arts Journal.

SEEDS is envisioned as a diverse network that provides a space for members of the Northeastern Illinois University community and beyond to showcase their artistic talents from poetry to prose and visual arts. Visual Arts submissions will not be accepted for the SEEDS Corner, because the integrity of the piece can be compromised during the newspaper printing process. Submissions for the #SEEDScorner or the SEEDS Journal can be sent to [email protected] with one submission per an email thread for the fall 2014 edition. We are always accepting submissions for the SEEDS corner and the journal. You can email us for submission guidelines or visit our Facebook. The fall journal deadline is Oct.7, 2014. Best of luck writers!
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By Julio Garcia

Don’t fool me silly little girl
Mama didn’t raise no fool
You can’t take it all
That is my rule.

Take and take and take you silly little fool
Here I’ll be standing still
Do not fake it, cuz I won’t take it
Cuz I said I’m not your tool.

Let’s get on home and get in bed
We’re young once, it’s not forever
Toss and tumble skins all red.

Take and take and take you little fool.
Here I’ll be feeling cool
Our passion hot
Keep on going you can take it,
I’ll say it once and I won’t repeat it
Fake it again and you’ll be cheated.

* * * * * * *

Julio Garcia has been writing poetry for a few years. Garcia finds inspiration in the most mundane things. When creativity strikes, he grabs a pen and a scrap of paper and scribbles away. Garcia likes to relax and escape from the world through music, poetry, books and especially writing. He believes that expression is beautiful and everyone has it in them to make art.