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“What are you looking forward to this semester?”

Maya Wagner

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“I am looking forward to being one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal in my career [obtaining my] bio Bachelor[s] and hopefully making it into dental school.”
-Omar Bleibel

“One of the things I’m looking forward to most this semester is just finishing my classes, especially my 300 level classes. Those are the first two that I’m taking at that level and it’s kind of nerve wracking but I’m getting there.”
-Jennifer Velazquez

“I’m looking forward to learning new things.”
-Jonathan Rhee

“One, I’m looking forward to the new faces on campus and the opportunity to engage with some people that may not know a whole lot about the campus… And then second, I’d say I’m looking forward to the activities on campus, the Greek culture, and some of the UGC council of clubs.”
-Jeff Eaton

“I’m looking forward to finding work study and trying to join in to see visual art journals to make comics for the school. …I decided to start off small and just practice working on comics so I can improve my drawings and expand my comfort zone.”
-Eterniti Wiley

“This is my first semester at Northeastern so I guess just getting more comfortable with the school and meeting new people.”
-Amy Fitzgerald

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