Extremists Having a Field Day

C. Niente


America needs to protect itself from a group of paranoid ignorant people carry guns in one hand and a Bible in the other (which is contradictory, by the way).

For the last 20 years, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has been using public land north of Las Vegas to graze hundreds of his cattle, racking up over $1 million in fines. That is until the federal government recently stepped in and confiscated about 300 of his animals.

Rancher Credit Peter Stevens
Cliven Bundy

When word spread of this incident, protesters arrived, many of whom were from extreme right-wing groups like gun rights activists and out of state armed militias. According to RT.com, “At the height of the protests there were about 1,000 protesters outside the rancher’s home. Among them were militia members from California, Idaho and other US states, camouflaged, with rifles and side arms.”

On April 12, with a more than week long armed standoff with police, the Bureau of Land Management released Bundy’s cattle due to fears of violent conflict between armed protesters and authorities.
But the real scary thing about this whole incident is not the authorities: it is Bundy’s and his supporters’ lack of compassion, logic, reason, and respect for America’s public land.

The protesters were heard yelling “freedom,” “liberty” and “God given,” (not surprisingly). But do these phrases mean that Bundy had the “freedom” of the U.S. Constitution and the approval of “God itself” to let his cattle trample on protected land paid by American taxpayers?

This land, which all American taxpayers pay for, is reserved for recreation of public use and also for endangered animal species living within the boundaries. But this whole act on part of the protesters is so full of hypocrisy that it’s sad that Americans will be misled to believe it was a “fight for freedom,” which is what Bundy said occurred.

RT.com reported a quote from one of the militia protestors who was carrying an AR-15 rifle and dressed in camouflaged. “I’m ready to pull the trigger if fired upon,” the protestor said.

In addition to the warrior complex of the protestors, there was also a held belief in God’s approval of their actions. Bundy announced to the crowd, as reported by Tom Ragan and Annalise Porter of ReviewJournal.com, “Today, we have been confirmed by our creator that we do not have to be afraid. This is his battle. This is his battle.”

Many protestors said their prayers were answered when the cattle were finally released. It seems apparent that these protestors were speaking of God by the Bibles at their sides. But here is where more hypocrisy comes in; Jesus never advocated violence in the Gospels. In fact, Jesus preached pacifism, love, and his followers eventually created a tight knit community lifestyle where everybody shared.

Many of these protestors are part of a large community that believes the delusion of an evil totalitarian U.S. government that is trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution. And in order to fight it, they must use the Christian God as an advocate for war.

These people are far-right extremists from a Libertarian, Tea Party or Anarchist perspective, not peaceful protesters. They won this battle without firing a shot, thankfully. But these “patriot-types” have struck before with actual violence, such as hostage situations and even domestic terrorism (the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombings that killed 168 people).

America needs to watch these “special forces” before the country as we know it has them dictating all of us from Capitol Hill. These groups will try to infiltrate, disguised as our elected officials, regardless of their “anti-government” stance.

This movement of fanatics should be watched closely by all Americans with common sense, because there is nothing positive that will come from a bunch of deranged individuals running around with guns and playing Rambo.

And if they do perhaps gain a hold of the government and create their goal of “near-anarchist freedom,” which is almost delusional to even think of as a possibility. Then the perfect Darwinian situation for survival of the fittest would occur, no order, just survival. So good luck, you’re on your own, but they were at least nice enough to let everyone keep their guns.

Do not fall for these groups that promote the Bible and guns, and the U.S. Constitution. They misuse all three of these objects and create something that is totally sickening and completely insane.