Outdoor Café: A Summer Dessert Destination

Jay Choi

4.0 out of 5 Stars

Outdoor Café doesn’t have much in the way of entrées, but their array of desserts and café drinks makes stopping in worthwhile.

Photo by Jay Choi
Chocolate Fondue Platter

Their entrées consist of a few Panini’s. The Ham and Cheese Panini with honey mustard was delicious, and the tangy barbeque chips complemented the sweet honey mustard nicely. The Caramel Macchiato was beautifully prepared and tasted very good as well.

The price range on their desserts is fair and most items are less than $10. Drinking the Watermelon Bubble Tea was like sticking a straw into a ripe watermelon. The Chocolate Fondue Platter was a bit more expensive, but quite tasty.

Outdoor Café sits at the corner of Bryn Mawr and N. Spaulding Ave. The décor was eclectic and pleasing. A small statue of a child sits on a shelf, and hidden away in a corner lies a rustic model of an outdoor café. Flora decorates the entrance and along the walls are personal pictures, cards and artwork which create a home-like and comfortable vibe.

The walls are painted brightly on one side and pastel on the other. There are some couches and comfy chairs that make for good seating. Some of the seating is tucked away in little corners of store in a quaint manner. I had never been to Outdoor Café before but, oddly enough, it felt familiar and cozy.

The ambiance was laid back and welcoming. There are various board games, playing cards, Jenga and even a small collection of books for patrons. However, the completeness of these games concerning their said parts and pieces cannot be accounted for—play with caution.

The establishment was understaffed that day, but the server was very polite and accommodating. Outdoor Café’s relaxed nature makes it a good place to bring a date or to hang out with friends.

Conveniently located two blocks east of NEIU on Bryn Mawr, Outdoor Café is just a short walk away and, with summer around the corner, a refreshing bubble tea sounds like a good idea.
3257 West Bryn Mawr Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659.
PHONE: (773) 539-6078
Closed on Monday.
Tuesday to Thursday 11 a.m.—10 p.m.
Friday to Saturday 2 p.m.—12 a.m.
PRICE RANGE: Under 10 dollars.
RECOMMENDED DISHES: Fruit Pat Bing Soo, Capuccino Cake, Bubble Tea, Ham and Cheese Panini.

Photo by Jay Choi
Inside the Outdoor Café