Omega Delta Phi’s ‘Knights of Seduction Dance’

Syed Ahad Hussain, Senior Staff Writer

The Omega Delta Phi fraternity of NEIU held an event in Alumni Hall titled “The Knights of Seduction Dance,” referring to the fraternity’s title, “Scarlet Knights.” Sponsored by Monster energy drinks and Popchips, Alumni Hall was turned into a nightclub with the proper lighting arrangements, live music, and high heels – which were required for female attendees.

“This is our second dance event; our first one was called ‘Dance the Night Away,’ which was supposed to be a ladies night,” said Omega Delta Phi president Victor Gonzalez. “We try to incorporate our fraternity’s name into our events, [and] ‘Knight of Seduction’ is just a catchy name. High Heels is just something new we tried to do—like how some clubs make you wear red or lingerie—but since we can’t do that, we did something [more] feasible.”

The line up of performers included rapper Tony Centreno, Second City Underground crew, and Audio-Tekz (which consists of J-Tek, Macro, Seeker, and producer Ricky Gutierrez, AKA DJ Quality).

“The event is good,” said DJ Quality as the music was blasting. “It has great potential to grow bigger.”

While the event was a great way for students to blow off some steam from the start of spring semester, it was also a fundraising idea brought to life by the fraternity.

“One of the purposes of this event is to raise money for the Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc. and for a future scholarship program we’re currently working on and trying to get going probably by the next semester,” said Gonzalez, “as well as to provide a stress-free and fun event where students can socialize.”

According to Gonzalez, the fraternity decided to do something about the lack of events where students could actually enjoy themselves.

“When we came to this campus, we weren’t [involved in] the Greek system, but we later become concerned that the school really didn’t have any events that could allow students to relax,” he said. “So, we created something nice and safe with no liquor involved—because since we are grown ups, we are able to have good time without drinking.”

It was a fun and rare event; Omega Delta Phi is optimistic that more student organizations will follow the fraternity’s footsteps and arrange dance events on campus that students can have the chance to attend.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to change the whole aspect of not having much fun events on campus and do more dances here,” said Gonzalez.