“Too Cool for School?”

Ashley Hovde, Staff Writer


Courtesy of www.angorayarn.com


There exists a very thick line between an insulated snowsuit and the kind of outfit one might wear to go clubbing in Miami, does there not? Off the top of my head I can come up with a few exemplary items: a knit beret, jeans, a v-neck sweater, a wool scarf, suede boots, etc.

As far as I’m concerned, winter in Chicago is a great time and place for fashion, and it is entirely possible to simultaneous look good and stay warm during the annual pseudo-Arctic months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my heels, peep toes, flowing scarves, adorable fall/spring jackets, and putting them away each year always seems to catalyze my winter funk. However, I also really love having intact bones and no frostbitten skin, so the aforementioned items hibernate in my closet, snuggled up next to my skirts, sun dresses, and sandals, awaiting their spring revival.

If you too have seen women in stiletto heels wipe out on the ice this semester, or you’ve scratched your hat-covered head while looking at a coed wearing a jacket in lieu of a coat, you probably see where this piece is headed. So please enlighten us, urban ice skaters and polar bears, what gives?

Beyond having been introduced by mutual friends, through internet dating services, and at religious gathering places, most people meet the person they end up forming a lasting romantic partnership with at school, so I can understand wanting to look good for Mr or Mrs Right. That said, doesn’t looking sane figure in to looking good?

I’ve never heard anyone say “I’m really looking for a man with so little sense that he doesn’t wear a coat and gloves during a blizzard!” So why, gentlemen, do you forgo wearing hats and gloves in sub-freezing weather? You’re not fooling anyone by saying that you’re warm. The icicles in your mustaches and the chattering of your teeth give you away.

Ladies, it seems unlikely that the phrase “I’m really looking for a girl who doesn’t let the possibility of a compound fracture stop her from strutting her way around this learning establishment in spike heels” has ever been uttered. On the contrary, I have seen few fashion statements exude a less “come hither” vibe than that of a young woman rocking a leg brace with a mini-skirt last winter.

As unlikely as it is that all offenders are on the prowl, this phenomena seems even more mind-boggling. My take away message is this; its freezing, you’re cold, don’t deny it. Your grades don’t go up in tandem with your hemline and unless you’re taking a class in wilderness survival, not protecting yourself from the cold won’t lower your GPA. So bundle up, already!